A stowaway on a plane. She flew without a ticket and ID

A stowaway on a plane.  She flew without a ticket and ID

American Airlines confirmed that an uninvited guest boarded their flight. The woman without a boarding pass was detained only after landing.

During a five-hour flight from Nashville, Tennessee, to Los Angeles, the crew discovered that there was a stowaway on board. A potentially dangerous situation occurred on an American Airlines plane on February 7, but only now has the airline publicly disclosed information about the recorded incident. The woman, who did not have a ticket or ID, was detained only after landing.

A stowaway on a plane to Los Angeles

Boarding the plane is only possible if we meet a number of conditions set by airlines and state authorities. To cross the border, a passport or visa is required, and in the case of domestic flights, it may be an ID card. Each tourist must also have a boarding pass, which is a confirmation of the purchased flight ticket. However, it turns out that passengers still manage to find a way to board the plane without the required documents. Last year, we reported on a man who wanted to fly to the capital of Nepal without a ticket. Now, a similar incident has been recorded at Los Angeles International Airport. One of the women traveling was caught without travel documents. Even though she had neither ID nor boarding pass, she passed through security at the Nashville airport unnoticed.

A woman without a ticket detained at the airport

According to the Transportation Security Administration, the woman was not detained until she landed in California. The passenger was questioned, but no charges were brought against her, although according to the services, she jumped over an unmanned checkpoint at the Nashville airport, but legally passed through baggage security. “On February 7, 2024, American Airlines Flight 1393 was inspected by officers upon arrival at Los Angeles International Airport. Safety and security are our highest priorities, which is why we are assisting law enforcement in their investigation,” said a spokesman for one of the three largest airlines in the United States, as quoted by the New York Post.

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