A two-meter shark off a Spanish beach. The recording went viral

A two-meter shark off a Spanish beach.  The recording went viral

Panic broke out on a popular beach when a powerful predator was spotted in the water. The hammerhead shark swam very close to the tourists.

Relaxation on a Gran Canaria beach was interrupted when swimmers spotted a two-meter shark in the water. The predator feeding near the shore was captured on a police recording that was posted on the Internet. The services immediately decided to close the swimming pool for the next two days. This is not the first dangerous incident involving a shark on the Spanish islands in recent weeks.

Shark on the beach in Spain

The incident occurred on Saturday, June 15, on Melenara beach in Telde, when there was heavy traffic on the coast. The holiday season has already started in Gran Canaria, so there are many tourists on the island. They were the ones who alerted the services after they noticed a huge hammerhead shark near the shore. There was panic in the bathing area. After the police arrived on site, it was immediately decided to close the beach, which remained inaccessible to visitors for the next two days. “Search teams set out on jet skis to try to locate the animal,” the release said.

The recording was posted on the Internet

After the incident, the local police published a recording in which we can see the reason for the weekend’s confusion. The hammerhead shark, or rather the common hammerhead shark, captured on camera was huge, but it was not one of the largest representatives of its species, adult males of which can reach up to 5 meters in length. It is believed that hammerheads are not the most dangerous in their family, but in the past they were able to attack humans for no apparent reason. Most often, however, they hunt other sea creatures, such as squid, squid and even manta rays. “Melenara beach was reportedly closed until Monday, after which a green flag was raised, indicating it was safe for swimmers to return to the water,” reads the published article.

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