It got scary on the PKP train. There was a smell of burning

It got scary on the PKP train. There was a smell of burning

An unusual incident occurred during a journey on a PKP Intercity train. A disturbing smell began to emerge from the machine. It turned out that it had hit a damaged traction network and severed it. Passengers were evacuated.

A dangerous situation at PKP took place on a train from Kraków Główny to Gdynia Główna. The machine suddenly stopped in the middle of nowhere in the town of Gąsiorki near Tczew. There were several hundred passengers on board. Sitting carefree in their seats, they smelled a disturbing smell. It turned out that it was because of a torn traction network. The event was reported by one of the editors of the portal She traveled on this train from Poznań to Gdynia.

Train failure. Passengers evacuated

According to a woman who was on site, the cars smelled of burning and further travel was impossible. It was necessary to carry out a difficult evacuation and get as many as 200 people out of the machine. The fire brigade was also on site to make sure everything went as safely as possible.

Conductors also helped with the evacuation. Important announcements were made not to lean on the doors of the carriages, and especially not to open them. Fortunately, no one was hurt, and the passengers were transferred to another train, which arrived about 1.5 hours after the failure. “I was impressed by how smoothly the exit from the train went, all the passengers seemed very disciplined, conscientiously following the firefighters’ instructions,” reported the editor of the portal, present at the scene.

It turned out that in order to get from one train to another, it was necessary to set up a ladder for passengers to walk on. For people with mobility problems, a ramp was to be set up in another carriage.

Incident at PKP. Passengers reached their destination

Despite the dangerous situation, passengers had a chance to get to the seaside. A woman who witnessed the incident reported that she arrived in Gdynia with a delay of almost 2 hours. Despite everything, she thought that it didn’t end too badly and many people expected that due to the problems she would arrive much later.

When the replacement train started moving, passengers could see how badly their train had been damaged. It was obvious that there was a hole in the front and the windscreen had been smashed. As Karol Jakubowski from the PKP PLK press office reported, the traction network was damaged and the train most likely hit it. The commission is to investigate the cause of the incident.

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