Father Rydzyk couldn't stand it. Nervous atmosphere at a performance about Pilecki

Father Rydzyk couldn't stand it.  Nervous atmosphere at a performance about Pilecki

A performance about Captain Witold Pilecki entitled “The Offering” was exhibited on March 9 and 10 at the “Memory and Identity” Museum of the Lux Veritatis Foundation. Father Rydzyk was present in the audience during the show.

Father Tadeusz Rydzyk at times reacted somewhat harshly to the behavior of uncultured spectators. The o2.pl journalists who went to see the performance observed the Redemptorist's behavior from a distance of several meters. “It was tense,” said Marcin Lewicki.

The viewer's smartphone rang and rang. Father Rydzyk had had enough

The performance was prepared by the “Rzeczpospolita Apostolska” theater group from Ostrów Mazowiecka – together with students of the Academy of Social and Media Culture in Toruń – reports “Nasz Dziennik”. AKSiM belongs to the “Lux Veritatis” Foundation of Father Rydzyk.

According to o2.pl, approximately 800 tickets were sold per piece. Mainly older people came to see it. Unfortunately, the audience quite often drowned out both the actors and the words spoken by director Piotr Trentowski. The founder of the Telewizja Trwam station asked people to be quiet. However, this had a mixed effect.

One person in particular got under Father Rydzyk's skin because his smartphone rang several times. When the performance was coming to an end, the Redemptorist was to react. “Turn off the phone now,” he said firmly.

Nowacka was nailed during the performance

Journalists assessed the performance itself positively, although it was felt that there were not only professional actors on stage, but also “semi-amateurs”, we read. Finally, apart from, among others, thanks to Father Rydzyk, as well as the actors – a pin was also given to the head of the Ministry of National Education, Barbara Nowacka. It was stated that it is not known whether the memory of Captain Pilecki will “survive” after the planned education reform.

It is worth adding that the building of the museum itself. Saint John Paul II is not 100 percent finished. In 2019, Father Rydzyk's foundation and Rafako (specializing in the production of boilers for the energy sector) signed a contract for the construction of the facility. However, the company “withdrew from the contract and demanded payment of almost PLN 25.5 million” from the foundation.

Currently, the museum regularly organizes film and theater shows.

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