When is grandma's? The minister does not rule out the end of this year

When is grandma's?  The minister does not rule out the end of this year

The so-called grandmother's allowance may be paid this year. Minister Dziemianowicz-Bąk stipulated that the condition for payment would be for the parents to indicate who would take care of the child. She said some type of agreement would be required “with the grandmother, the aunt, the uncle, the grandfather to report who specifically is taking care of the child.”

The Minister of Family was asked on Radio Zet when we can expect the so-called grandmother's allowance, i.e. money that parents returning to the labor market will receive to pay a caregiver.

When is “grandma's”? The minister is talking about the end of the year

– The act will “come out” from the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Policy in the coming days. We will submit it to the government's work list. Then government and parliamentary work. This is a large program of important activation benefits for parents returning to the labor market, announced the head of the ministry, Agnieszka Dziemianowicz-Bąk.

She hopes that the system will be ready in 6 months and then it will come into force under the name “active parent”. To receive PLN 1,500, parents will have to meet an additional condition. Firstly, they can be requested by parents returning to work who are ready to use the services of, for example, a nanny or someone from their close family, such as a grandmother. The condition for payment of the benefit is an agreement concluded with the person taking care of the child.

Minister Dziemianowicz-Bąk emphasized that an oral agreement with a family member alone will not be the basis for payment of money.

– This is not only a matter of arrangement, but also information for us whether the child is entrusted to a safe person, it is about the register of such people, e.g., to ensure that such a person is not included in the register of pedophiles. We have to play it safe and be extremely careful, she explained in an interview with Bogdan Rymanowski.

According to the minister, the program may start in the last quarter of this year.

Reduction of working time. The ministry is working on the regulations

Agnieszka Dziemianowicz-Bąk was also asked whether she was in favor of shortening working time. She admitted that we work too much.

– Poles have too little time for rest, too little time for family, too little time for friendship and love, and it's time to change it, she said. In her opinion, “it seems that when we work longer, we work better, we produce more, we are more effective.” – And the experiences of countries such as Spain, France and Germany show that the opposite is true. She assures that her ministry carefully analyzes every proposal that shortens working time while maintaining the current remuneration.

The MP wants to start persuading coalition partners to introduce regulations shortening working hours only after the ministry she heads prepares a proposal for changes.

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