An amazing giraffe was born. Probably the only one of its kind

An amazing giraffe was born.  Probably the only one of its kind

You can never have enough good information about cute animals, and this one certainly is. At the end of July, a unique giraffe was born.

In December 2019, it was officially announced that Forest, a giraffe living at Australia’s Beerwah Zoo, is the tallest of his species in the world. Her height was exactly 5.7 meters. One of the records related to these animals was also broken in Poland – in 2002, the largest wicker giraffe was built. She measured 9.8 meters.

But these records have no meaning today! The giraffe you are about to read about is not the largest in the world. It’s not made of wicker either. She doesn’t even have a name yet. Something completely different sets it apart.

A “patternless” giraffe was born

The baby giraffe was born on July 31 at Bright’s Private Zoo in Limestone, Tennessee. Unlike other members of its species… it has no patches. She’s all brown. According to experts, it is probably the only such specimen in the world. The previous known case was from Tokyo in 1972.

The population of wild giraffes is declining

“We don’t generally post any photos of zoo babies, but since this is such a unique situation, we knew it would bring a lot of attention to the giraffes, which would help us point people in the right direction.” Giraffes should live in the wild, said David Bright, one of the zoo’s owners.

– Wild populations are quietly dying out. Over the past three decades, wild giraffe populations have declined by 40 percent. added Tony Bright, founder of Limestone Zoo. “Bright’s” regularly makes donations to organizations working to save giraffes and runs a special breeding program for this species.

The zoo needs to choose a name

Now the guardians of the tiny giraffe face a very difficult task – choosing a name. At the moment it has been narrowed down to four options. They all come from the Swahili language, which is spoken in the homeland of giraffes. The variants taken are: Kipekee, Firyali, Shakiri and Jamella. They mean in turn: unique, extraordinary, “she is the most beautiful” and “one of the great beauties”.

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