Tourists and residents evacuated from the Baltic Sea. The storm did incredible damage

Tourists and residents evacuated from the Baltic Sea.  The storm did incredible damage

The situation on the Baltic Sea has been looking particularly bad for several days now. In many places, there were storms that have not been seen for a long time. Tourists had to evacuate, and instead of sunny weather, flooded beaches awaited them.

Anyone who chooses a holiday at the Polish seaside knows that the weather is not always good there. Some even say that you have to be lucky to spend a sunny holiday. People who visited popular places in early August quickly regretted it. All because of storms wreaking havoc. Water flooded many beaches and it was necessary to sit in a hotel.

Storms over the Baltic Sea wreak havoc

There is a dangerous situation in in the vicinity of Gdynia, Kołobrzeg, Darłowo or Ustronie Morskie. Both residents and tourists have to face the effects of tragic storms, storms and downpours. The cause of the tragedy is deep than Zacharias, who found himself in the Baltic. The western part of the coast is in the worst situation.

After the waves of winds and rain, everyone present in the said area found the beaches flooded. In Kołobrzeg, single gusts of wind before noon on August 7 reached 94 km per hour, and in Darłowo almost 100 km per hour. The storms left broken trees and a lot of other damage. Hundreds of people had to evacuate to apartments and hotels. In addition, sellers of local souvenir and food stalls complained about losses.

As a result of these events, there have been many tragedies. A tourist staying on the beach in Jastarnia died on an unguarded beach. After he drowned, he was pulled out of the water. Unfortunately, many people, despite warnings, still do not react to dynamically changing weather conditions. Although the situation is starting to improve slightly, we should still be vigilant. Unfortunately, we still can’t count on too much sun and peace at the Baltic Sea.

Great evacuations over the Polish sea

Both yesterday and last weekend, many entrepreneurs had to close their businesses. There are plenty of videos on social media showing what the situation is about. The water floods everything in the area, including the piers, and the beaches are gone.

– We have never seen anything like this – employees of souvenir stands in Lubiatowo said about the events. Everyone had to evacuate, because the booths with things were flooded, and the goods were destroyed and scattered. The damage visible on the spot is still being recorded and examined, only when the situation calms down for good, it will be possible to count how many there were. People staying at the sea still need to be careful. IMGW issued 1st degree warnings against thunderstorms with hail.

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