Alior Bank with a wide offer for entrepreneurs

Alior Bank with a wide offer for entrepreneurs

Cooperation with business clients is an important element of Alior Bank’s new strategy. His priority is to provide entrepreneurs with effective and tailored financial solutions that will enable them to manage their business more effectively.

Support for entrepreneurship is one of the three pillars of Alior Bank’s “Bank every day” strategy. A bank for the future. The bank is dynamically developing this aspect of its activities, resulting in a 9% growth. share in the segment of sole proprietorships, as well as an increasingly stronger position in the segment of SMEs and large companies.

Alior Bank offers entrepreneurs business current accounts, additional services, new digital banking and centralization of after-sales service. It also develops process automation and effective data and customer relationship management.

In addition, the bank also tries to adapt to the individual needs of each entrepreneur and therefore constantly expands its offer. One of the bank’s new solutions for companies is Global Limit. It defines the maximum amount available for use across various credit, trade and treasury finance products. This significantly simplifies the lending process.

– We are aware that the needs of entrepreneurs are different. That is why we are constantly developing our offer to provide customers with solutions that will fully meet their expectations – says Ewa Małecka, director of the Business Customer Products Department at Alior Bank.

Our main goals are to support business clients and build lasting partnership relationships with them. We want them to know that they can always count on our help and full commitment, he adds.

Grow your business and get a bonus

There is currently a promotion for new customers who, by creating a free iKonto Biznes and using it regularly, can gain up to PLN 2.9 thousand per year. PLN bonus.

To take advantage of the offer, entrepreneurs should use the PROMO400 code when opening an account and then make at least one transfer to ZUS or the tax office. Thanks to this, they will receive PLN 400 to start with. Further prizes of up to PLN 1,500 (PLN 125 each month for 12 months) will be earned by regular banking.

If they make a transfer to ZUS or the tax office for an amount of min. PLN 500, they will receive PLN 20. In turn, when making a debit card transaction for a total amount of min. PLN 2,000 per month will receive PLN 25. They will receive PLN 10 for the first SEPA transfer (for a minimum amount of EUR 100), as well as for using the cash register offer (calculated provided that a bonus transfer from PCKF in the amount of PLN 100 is credited to the customer’s account).

Entrepreneurs will also receive PLN 25 for performing currency transactions within the Autodealing service or between their own accounts for a total amount of min. 5 thousand units of foreign currency. They will also be charged a bonus for making at least three foreign or domestic transfers in a foreign currency in the amount of PLN 15 per month, as well as up to PLN 20 for the average monthly account balance (over PLN 10,000 up to PLN 50,000 – PLN 5, above PLN 50,000 to PLN 100,000 – PLN 10, above PLN 100,000 – PLN 20).

In addition, customers can count on a refund of up to PLN 1,000. PLN for purchases at gas stations made with a company Mastercard debit card with Plus. It is charged for five months from the conclusion of the Moneyback card agreement and amounts to 10%. shopping costs, up to PLN 200 per month. Additionally, entrepreneurs who choose a Mastercard debit card with Plus by the end of 2024 can count on exemption from monthly fees for its use.

The “PLN 400 to start” promotion lasts until January 31, 2024. The “Moneyback Bonus” promotion at gas stations will last until March 31, 2024.

Convenient and fast remote operation

Alior Bank is constantly developing a comprehensive service model in remote channels to provide its customers with easy and safe contact with a consultant, without the need to visit a branch. The bank has appointed a team of specialists for this purpose. Thanks to this implementation, via telephone, e-mail or online banking, entrepreneurs from the small and medium-sized segment, as well as large companies, can receive information on the use of deposit products, place an order in the BusinessPro online banking system and track the progress of its processing by the bank.

In addition, a team of remote service specialists accepts customer orders regarding company products available at Alior Bank. Without the need to visit a bank branch, entrepreneurs can receive opinions, certificates and the history of their accounts. They can also open a subsidiary account, order a debit card, or report any changes to the company. The current list of instructions that can be carried out remotely includes 50 items. The implementation of remote service is appreciated by both the bank’s clients and advisors cooperating with these clients.

– Using the channels they choose, entrepreneurs, with the help of our experts, can handle their affairs without the need to visit a branch – says Łukasz Mleczko, director of the Remote Business Customer Relations Department at Alior Bank.

Customers confirm that this solution is very convenient for them and, above all, it saves time, which is worth its weight in gold in business. – This is a valuable tip for us and the direction in which we should further develop our offer – he adds.

Company financing

At Alior Bank, SMEs and large companies can also use the automatic lending process, which includes a loan for the company’s current operations, investment and purchase purposes. Recently, Alior Bank increased the amount of financing in this process to PLN 5 million. The initial credit decision is issued within 20 minutes. Additionally, until the end of 2023, micro-enterprises and small enterprises will not pay a preparation fee for granting a loan.

Entrepreneurs from the micro-enterprise segment who decide to transfer a loan from another bank can count on preferential refinancing conditions under the “We divide the costs in half” promotion. For the refinanced liability, the bank will offer a lower rate of up to 50%. margin, but for an overdraft loan up to PLN 200,000. PLN it will be at least 3.5%, and for amounts above PLN 200,000. PLN – minimum 2.5 percent If the liability is repaid in the form of an installment loan, the margin will be a minimum of 3.5%. The maximum refinanced amount is PLN 1 million. The financing is secured by a de minimis guarantee from Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego.

New digital banking

Alior Bank and Comarch are working on a project to implement new online banking and the Alior Business mobile application, which will soon replace the current BusinessPro online banking.

It will be based on four pillars: a self-service module, a mobile application, a modern online banking service and integrated ERP tools. It is intended to be a comprehensive, multi-channel and flexible ecosystem that will provide entrepreneurs with professional support in building and developing their business.

The new banking is distinguished by the latest security standards and an intuitive interface. It will ensure compliance with the latest technologies and microservices architecture, which will shorten the time of, for example, introducing new solutions.

– Alior Business will enable customers to quickly communicate with the bank and exchange credit or post-sale documents without leaving home. In addition, thanks to the direct connection of online and mobile banking with the ERP system, entrepreneurs will be able to use advanced financial and accounting, HR and payroll modules, e-store and analysis tools – explains Rafał Zając, director of the Digital Banking Department for Business Customers at Alior Bank.

The migration of the first customers from the BusinessPro system to Alior Business banking is scheduled to begin in the third quarter of 2024. The process will be carried out in several stages until the end of 2025 and will be preceded by an information and educational campaign addressed to customers.

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