Experts call for the continuation of the Safe 2% loan. “It would be good…”

Safe Loan 2 percent  Almost 50,000 were submitted.  conclusions

We have already paid the price for the “Safe 2% Credit” program in the form of an increase in housing prices, so it would be rational not to terminate it, but to maintain it – say experts, who believe that the program launched in July this year should be continued by the new government.

– We are observing another boom in interest in the “Safe 2% loan”. – says Jarosław Sadowski, chief analyst at Expander Advisors, quoted by “Rzeczpospolita”. – Currently, people are speeding up their purchasing decisions, choosing apartments within two days, quickly completing the necessary documents just to submit the application by the end of December this year – he adds.

Safe loan 2 percent Poles want to make it before closing time

Poles fear that recruitment for the “First Apartment” program will be suspended at the beginning of next year due to the exhaustion of limits for subsidies from the state budget, but also due to changes in the top positions of power.

The interest in the “Safe 2% Loan” launched at the beginning of July exceeded the expectations of its creators. It was estimated that approximately 10,000 loans would be granted this year, worth approximately PLN 3.2 billion, which would cost the state budget approximately PLN 178 million. PLN subsidies for these loans. Therefore, there is no limit for subsidies and applications can be submitted until it hurts. The government expected a greater outpouring of interest only next year (40,000 contracts worth PLN 13.2 billion were expected, subsidies from the budget were introduced total limit of PLN 941 million for 2023 and 2024). Meanwhile, by November 23, 40.8 thousand contracts worth PLN 16.5 billion had already been concluded.

At the end of last week, the government announced that the amount of the subsidy limit for next year is to be doubled to PLN 1.82 billion (from PLN 0.94 million), and in total by 2032 – to approximately PLN 16.1 billion from 11. PLN 3 billion.

– This is a good change, although I do not think that such an increase in limits, by a total of PLN 35,000 people, there was enough – assessed by Bartosz Turek, chief analyst at HREIT. – The huge interest in the program results not only from the accumulation of deferred or anticipatory demand this year, but also from the fact that the creditworthiness of young Poles has significantly increased, and thus the group of eligible people – he adds.

An appeal for the continuation of the program

Turek appeals to the new government to continue the program, emphasizing that what the housing market needs today is not another revolution, but stabilization. – We have already paid the price for the BK2% program in the form of an increase in housing prices, so it would be rational not to terminate it, but to maintain it. One can argue about his generosity, maybe instead of 2%. a loan of 3-4% would be enough. – emphasizes Turek, quoted by “Rzeczpospolita”.

Jarosław Sadowski speaks in a similar tone. – Meanwhile, what Poles and the movable property market need most is the predictability of government support programs and the certainty that they will be available for several years. Therefore, it would be good if the functioning of the BK2% program was confirmed – says the chief analyst of Expander Advisors.

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