Apartments priced at PLN 3.8 thousand. PLN per square meter This region is not expensive

Apartments priced at PLN 3.8 thousand.  PLN per square meter  This region is not expensive

Apartment prices have skyrocketed – this is what companies specializing in real estate sales say in their reports. It turns out that it doesn’t have to be expensive everywhere. There are large cities in Poland with over a hundred thousand inhabitants where you can buy your dream M for a normal price. Customers from other regions of the country most often ask whether there is an error in the advertisements. We checked, it wasn’t there.

A popular online advertising website. The “Real Estate” tab contains hundreds of offers for sale of apartments in various Polish cities. They include both very expensive apartments in the center and secondary market apartments on the outskirts of the town. Many of these offers are priced above 10,000. PLN per square meter

Warsaw remains the leader in terms of high apartment prices, both on the primary and secondary markets. Apartments in Kraków, Tricity, Wrocław and Poznań also remain at a relatively high price level. The higher price per square meter of an apartment is also visible in seaside resorts. Prices there exceed PLN 20,000 or PLN 30,000 per square meter. are already standard in this industry.

Real estate prices. Apartments are not more expensive everywhere

Real estate experts express similar views. In their opinion, apartment prices have skyrocketed in recent months. However, there are exceptions to this rule. According to the latest Expander report, prices per square meter of apartments have dropped in some cities. The list included, among others: Sosnowiec, Częstochowa, Białystok and Radom. The biggest declines took place in Sosnowiec, where apartment prices are now lower by an average of 8%.

The attention of many customers is attracted by lower prices in selected locations. One of the cheapest Polish cities where apartments can be purchased at affordable prices is Bytom. Internet users do not hide their surprise at this turn of events. The average price of a square meter of an apartment in this city is currently PLN 3,862 per square meter. – this is according to a report by the Sonar Home agency. Data from other companies show that the average price of a square meter of an apartment is several hundred zlotys higher.

Real estate prices. You can buy a studio apartment in Bytom for PLN 100,000. zloty

The cheapest apartment available for sale in the Bytom area costs PLN 100,000. zloty. The average value of real estate in Bytom is PLN 235.6 thousand. zloty. According to local agents, you can also buy slightly more expensive apartments in other districts, where the price per square meter is PLN 4,400. PLN or slightly more expensive.

The data shows that the average price per square meter apartments has increased by PLN 254 ​​since the beginning of the year, which is a change of 6.99%. Apartment prices in Bytom are lower than in other cities due to few new development investments and fewer sales transactions.

According to the market report for Bytom, there are currently 772 apartments and houses located in 417 buildings available for sale in this city. The smallest available apartments are studio apartments, which have an area of ​​just under 20 square meters. Most apartments for sale are two-room apartments (372) and three-room apartments (250). You can also purchase slightly larger premises. The largest are 10-room apartments with an area of ​​over 215 sq m.

Cheaper apartments. They can be purchased in many Silesian cities

Bytom is no exception on the Silesian real estate map, where apartment prices vary greatly. You can also buy your dream M cheaper in neighboring cities. In Ruda Śląska, the average price per square meter is around PLN 4,450. The cheapest properties can be found in the northern part of the city. Apartments in Świętochłowice, where apartment prices are at a stable level, are also very popular among buyers. Current prices per square meter in this city are around PLN 4,500. zloty.

The attention of many buyers is attracted by the prices of apartments in Łaziska Górne. In this town of just over twenty thousand inhabitants, located near Mikołów, you can buy the cheapest apartments for PLN 150,000. zloty. Analyzes show that the average prices of apartments offered in sales advertisements are approximately PLN 280,000. zloty. You can also buy your dream M at a good price in other cities, including: in Zabrze, where the price per square meter is PLN 4.6 thousand. zloty. In turn, the average cost of an apartment in this city is approximately PLN 260,000.

Apartment prices. Drożyzna visits Katowice

You have to pay a bit more for a property in neighboring Gliwice, where apartment prices have increased by 5% since the beginning of the year. Last month, the average price per square meter in this city was PLN 5.6 thousand. zloty. To find a buyer for their apartment, sellers have to wait on average over three months.

Katowice is the leader in terms of prices in Silesia, where the average price is currently PLN 6.8 thousand. PLN/sq m However, according to buyers, prices are slowly creeping in here too. However, you have to pay dearly for a prestigious address in the Podlesie district, and the average price is PLN 9,165 per square meter. Apartments in other Katowice districts are cheaper.

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