Morawiecki handed Cichanouska the keys to the villa. “Headquarters for free Belarusians”

Morawiecki handed Cichanouska the keys to the villa.  "Headquarters for free Belarusians"

As expected, Mateusz Morawiecki handed Swiatlana Cichanouska the keys to the villa in Warsaw. The building will be the headquarters of the Belarusian House, an organization connecting opposition groups from the country of our eastern neighbors. – Poland is an open home for all Belarusians – emphasized the Prime Minister.

The Rotstein villa is located at 6 Kryniczna Street in Warsaw. The building with 600 square meters was built in 1936 and later was the seat of, among others, ambassadors of France and Tunisia. It has been on the register of monuments for three years and is called the “pearl of modernism”. Now it will be the seat of the Belarusian House, as Mateusz Morawiecki informed during his meeting with Swiatlana Tsikhanouskaya. – We are handing over the keys to the Belarusian House, this headquarters for free Belarusians in Warsaw, to ensure that this fight for sovereignty and democracy ends in success – it is a gift from the Polish nation to the Belarusian nation, said the Prime Minister.

Visit to the Belarusian House

The Belarusian House was established after thousands of Belarusians took part in street protests in December 2010, opposing election fraud. Later, representatives of Belarusian democratic movements went to Poland, creating the Belarusian House in the capital of our country, i.e. “an institution supporting democratic activities in Belarus, also serving as an information center”. Currently, the organization’s headquarters is located in a small premises at Wiejska Street, where Morawiecki and Cichanouska appeared on Wednesday.

During the meeting with the Belarusian minority, the Prime Minister emphasized that our country exists “an open house for all Belarusians who need help”. – As part of our Solidarity with Belarus program, we try to support this Belarusian voice of freedom – he added. The head of government argued that Poles help provide true information about the situation in the country of our eastern neighbors. – We are fighting to ensure that this issue is constantly present in the international arena, in all democratic countries of the world – he added.

Morawiecki also declared help for all people beaten and tortured by the Belarusian services. – When we hear Jacek Kaczmarski’s “Walls” sung by Belarusians, we remember our experiences of fighting for freedom. We convey these expressions of solidarity to the Belarusian nation, he emphasized.

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