Adults also liked riding them. We know which scooters are safe

Adults also liked riding them.  We know which scooters are safe

The President of UOKiK and the Trade Inspection took a closer look at sport scooters. Their labeling was checked, but they were also tested in the laboratory for safety.

The inspection was carried out by 6 voivodship inspectorates of the Trade Inspection: Białystok, Bydgoszcz, Gorzów Wlkp., Kraków, Łódź and Warsaw. In the period from January to April 2023, the marking of 21 models of sport scooters, intended for different age groups, was checked. Experts also examined their construction – 20 models of scooters were also verified in the laboratory.

Purpose of the study

The President of UOKiK and the Trade Inspection wanted to ensure that consumers only received safe sports and recreational equipment, in this case sports scooters. When planning inspections, seasonality and trends prevailing on a given market were also taken into account in order to flexibly respond to various phenomena and fashions.

Entrepreneurs were selected on the basis of their own monitoring and the results of previous inspections. Media signals, information from consumers and entrepreneurs were also taken into account.

Place of sale and country of origin

The manufacturer, importers, wholesalers, as well as retail and large-area stores were checked. Out of 21 checked scooter models, 16 came from China, 1 from Poland, and the remaining 4 from other European Union countries.

Marking control

Controllers from the Trade Inspection verified the scooters in terms of the identification data of the manufacturer, importer, distributor who was the first to make the product available in Poland; information identifying the product (e.g. model) and markings/warnings and instructions in Polish.

Marking inspection results

Out of 21 models inspected, irregularities were found in the case of 6 sports scooters. In 2 cases, the data of entities responsible for placing products on the market was missing, which in turn hinders the activities of control authorities or the pursuit of consumer rights. In 3 cases, there was no data identifying the scooter, required warnings, information about the maximum weight of the user. In 4 cases, incomplete records were detected in the accompanying instructions for use, which may result in incorrect use of the scooter. In addition, 2 scooters had the CE mark unjustified (the CE mark should only be on electric scooters and toy scooters).

Testing in the laboratory

Laboratory tests consisted of, among others, on the impact tests of the handlebars and the front wheel, pulling handles on the handlebar ends, applying loads to the stem, handlebar ends and the platform. Distances between moving parts were also measured. The efficiency of the locking mechanisms and the adjustment of the steering wheel were verified.

Tests in the laboratory were supposed to answer whether:

  • scooters are durable and durable,

  • there are no gaps and openings between the scooter’s elements, where parts of the user’s body can get stuck or jammed,

  • the platform has a non-slip surface that prevents the user from slipping while driving,

  • the scooter’s steering wheel has a safe adjustment, including the mark of the minimum depth of the steering wheel,

  • the grips on the ends of the handlebars will not slip, the locking mechanisms work properly and fulfill their function.

Laboratory results

Out of 20 models of sports scooters, 4 were found to have structural irregularities. A different abnormality was detected in each model:

  • too large distances between the elements of the folding mechanism – the risk of cutting the user’s fingers when folding the scooter,

  • damage to the folding mechanism – risk of uncontrolled folding of the scooter while driving,

  • breakage of the handlebar stem – risk of uncontrolled detachment of the handlebar while driving,

  • detachment of the handles from the ends of the steering wheel – the risk of uncontrolled detachment of the covers while driving and loss of control over the vehicle.

Control summary

Out of 21 models of sports scooters, 8 had irregularities in the marking (6 models) and/or construction (4 models). In 2 scooters, both marking and construction irregularities were noted.

After checking and examining the scooters, the Trade Inspection submitted 3 requests to the President of UOKiK to initiate administrative proceedings. Their effect may be the imposition of administrative fines. In the case of 5 models of sports scooters, the entrepreneurs took corrective actions and supplemented the marking.

Advice for scooter sellers

Representatives of the Trade Inspection advise that entrepreneurs selling scooters buy them from reliable suppliers and verify whether the sports scooter comes with a manual in English. Polish and whether the scooter has the required marking. They also remind you that sport scooters propelled by muscle power should not be marked with the CE mark.

They advise you to check what obligations are imposed on the manufacturer, importer or distributor. They warn that failure to comply with them may result in an administrative fine. Placing on the market by the manufacturer (importer) of sport scooters that do not meet the general safety requirements (e.g. construction defects, irregularities in marking) is subject to a fine of up to PLN 100,000. zloty.

Inspectors inform that a dangerous product is reported by UOKiK to the EU Safety Gate RAPEX system – so that it does not end up in the hands of European consumers.

Scooter buying advice

Remember to choose a scooter to match the user’s body weight (when buying it for yourself or as a gift for another person). Class A is for users weighing 20-100 kg. Class B – for users weighing 20-50 kg.

When buying a scooter, you should also check that:

  • the folding/unfolding mechanism works smoothly, without jams

  • the stem of the handlebar has a mark of the minimum depth of its embedding in the pipe

  • handlebar ends are equipped with handles or end caps

  • the platform has a non-slip surface

  • the wheels are secured on the axles against unintentional detachment

  • the brake works effectively and smoothly reduces the speed, without a sudden stop

  • the diameter of the front wheel or wheels is at least 12 cm.

If you notice irregularities in the scooter, referred to in the report – inform the manufacturer or importer (distributor) and the Voivodeship Trade Inspection. You can also check the announcements published on the UOKiK website. When reporting irregularities, follow the instructions of the entity responsible for the product (manufacturer/importer/first distributor) contained therein.

List of 20 models inspected by the Trade Inspection (as of August 4, 2023):

  1. Scooter Lucky Crew Pro, 22S Royale, EAN code 0753359827292 – incorrect marking.

  2. Freestyle scooter Madd Gear CARVE Pro X item: 23331, EAN code 9334052084772 – compliant product.

  3. Hyper Motion ROCKSTER HYP 20 scooter, EAN code 5900168934191 – compliant product.

  4. Scooter Globber Flow Elements Comfort Lights model 727-102, EAN code 4895224407829 – product in accordance with the requirements.

  5. Marvell Comics two-wheel scooter, series 202110, EAN code 5902308599932 – damage to the folding mechanism. UOKiK initiated administrative proceedings.

  6. OXELO scooter, MF540, EAN code (01) 03583784042109(21) – incorrect marking.

  7. Two-wheel scooter STUNT STING, LAUBR SPORT, YX-S219-R, EAN code 6935352126358 – incorrect marking.

  8. Newcastle scooter (ST003) batch number SN.120.11, EAN code 5902786365722 – product in accordance with the requirements.

  9. Firefly scooter No. A180.1.0 414746, EAN code 7624769572269 – compliant product.

  10. Scooter HM 250 NILS EXTREME, EAN code 590769554158 – too large distances between the elements of the folding mechanism – low risk. Voluntary corrective action conducted under the supervision of WIIH.

  11. City scooter MOVINO INFINITY, EAN code 5903714010080 – a product in accordance with the requirements.

  12. Stunt scooter model HGR symbol art. 22776, EAN code 5900724048300 – compliant product.

  13. NAPLES scooter (FS007-5), EAN code 5902786146550 – product in accordance with the requirements.

  14. METEOR YELLO scooter, EAN code: 5900724028005 – incorrect marking.

  15. Scooter OXELO MID 7, class A 20-100 kg, code (01) 03583788036005 (21) – product in accordance with the requirements.

  16. Scooter FIREFLY A 200, 414748, EAN code 7624769572245 – product in accordance with the requirements.

  17. Children’s scooter QZ-2036 (H8) – breakage of the handlebar bracket, irregularities in the marking. UOKiK initiated administrative proceedings.

  18. Scooter HST1-100 red, EAN code 5903240678730 – detachment of the handles from the ends of the handlebars, irregularities in the marking. Explanatory activities of UOKiK are in progress.

  19. Scooter BOTTARI, code – 75702/YTA – 66304, EAN code 8052194757026 – product in accordance with the requirements.

  20. Scooter STUNT CITYZONE YX-S07XA-H Gold, EAN code 6935352126372 – product in accordance with the requirements.

The legal basis for the inspection was the Act on general product safety, taking into account the requirements of the PN-EN 14619:2019-11 standard Roller sports equipment. Scooters. Safety requirements and test methods.

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