Świnoujście entrepreneurs are counting losses. Beach closed, ships for PLN 40 did not convince tourists

Świnoujście entrepreneurs are counting losses.  Beach closed, ships for PLN 40 did not convince tourists

In Świnoujście, the only road leading to the right-bank beach and tourist attractions was closed. The voivode decided that this was due to security reasons: the point was to prevent unauthorized persons from approaching the LNG terminal. Residents and entrepreneurs do not hide their anger, because in the “closed zone” tourists have nothing to look for.

In the spring, the inhabitants of Świnoujście placed a cross and candles under the signpost directing to the beach and monuments. They reminded that for a month they had no access to the beach or the monuments located there. Another weeks have passed, and Ku Morzu Street is still blocked, as it leads to the LNG terminal – infrastructure of special importance.

“A large part of our city was murdered in this way: the right-bank beach and the two largest monuments,” said a protest participant quoted by the local ŚwinoujskieInfo website.

Ku Morzu Street is closed for safety reasons

The West Pomeranian Voivode, who made the decision to close, explains that it was necessary for security reasons, so that no unauthorized person would approach the terminal. Unfortunately, this is the only road leading to tourist attractions. Tourists cannot reach the right-bank beach or the historic 19th-century Fort Gerhard and the Museum of Coastal Defense located there.

This shortens the number of attractions, and for entrepreneurs operating in the vicinity of the closed road, it means huge losses. The money.pl service spoke to Piotr Piwowarczyk, the owner of the fort, who admitted that due to the fact that people were cut off from access to the beach in Warszów, the turnover in the lighthouse and the fort fell by about 70 percent, and when it comes to organized groups – up to 90 percent

Although the “culprit” of the whole commotion, the Gaz-System company, proposed a way to solve the problem, but it convinced the tourists. Three times a day there are ships that bring tourists from the sea, but the ticket costs 40 zlotys. This is still a discounted variant, because until recently tourists had to pay as much as PLN 56 to get to the beach (there are also discounts for children).

A few days ago, the mayor of the city announced the start of a bus line to the beach in Warszów. “Buses to the beach in Warszów (line 1) will run according to the current timetable until further notice. The first leaves at 9 from the transfer node at the railway station, next every sixty minutes – until 17. I would like to remind you that the bus passes through the protection zone at the LNG terminal. Before entering, you should take into account the control of the services and have an identity document with you.

Świnoujście. Lots of words, little change

Hanna Mojsiuk, president of the Northern Chamber of Commerce in Szczecin, admits that there is something going on regarding access to the beach, but declarations end there. – We are informed about agreements, letters of intent, we hear politicians’ speeches. Meanwhile, access to the lighthouse, part of the beach and monuments is still impossible or, in the optimistic scenario, very difficult – he says.

Joanna Agatowska, director of a large tourist facility and councilor of Świnoujście, reminds in an interview with money.pl that ul. Ku Morzu was a compensation for the inhabitants of three seaside estates for taking several other streets away from them during the construction of the LNG terminal in 2006. – People agreed to it, because it was supposed to be the last industrial investment here – he says.

As the councilwoman admits, the inhabitants of Świnoujście are tired of the arrogance of the authorities, which seize socially and naturally valuable areas, but give people nothing in return.

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