Poles buy apartments in Turkey. Apartments by the sea are much cheaper than in the country

Poles buy apartments in Turkey.  Apartments by the sea are much cheaper than in the country

First, they spend their vacation on the Turkish Riviera, and then they decide to buy real estate in this country. Poles are eager to invest in real estate on the Bosphorus. You can buy apartments from PLN 40,000. euro in seaside resorts – argue investors. The Turkish government grants citizenship to people who buy more expensive apartments.

Chaos on the real estate market continues. Apartment prices in the largest Polish cities have been soaring for several months. Reports prepared a few weeks ago by analysts and financial intermediaries are no longer valid. From month to month, you have to add from several hundred to 1,000 PLN to the previous price per square meter of the apartment. zloty.

Many customers cannot afford to buy, even a studio apartment. Others admit that they do not want to spend a million zlotys on a cubicle in Warsaw. For a slightly larger three-room apartment, depending on the location, you have to pay from PLN 1.5 to PLN 2 million.

High real estate prices in Poland. Investors are looking for cheaper apartments

High prices for the dream “M” discourage not only customers, but also investors from purchasing real estate in Poland. Many of them look for cheaper apartments and houses abroad in search of more stable real estate offers. And every year the list of countries competing for Polish customers is getting longer.

Polish investors are eager to look for apartments in sunny Spain, in Croatia, which is popular among local tourists, and in Turkey. The latter country has been a favorite holiday destination for our compatriots for several years now. Beautiful beaches, luxurious hotels and low prices make many people decide to vacation in this country again.

Turkish real estate market. Apartments cost less than in Polish cities

In addition to its tourist attractions, our compatriots are increasingly noticing the attractiveness of the Turkish real estate market. Polish guides in Turkey also encourage people to buy apartments in seaside resorts, who show our compatriots around numerous tourist destinations and advise where and for how much it is worth buying an apartment.

“You can buy property in Turkey as a holiday home, for retirement, to achieve a return on investment in the form of rental or capital gains, or to obtain citizenship,” say Internet users on social media. Poles willingly share their observations online and suggest where to buy an apartment that will not only make money for you, but also where you can spend a month of vacation during the holidays. For many of them, purchasing real estate in Turkey turned out to be a price hit.

The cheapest apartments can be purchased in the seaside town of Mersin. To become the owner of an apartment, PLN 40,000 is enough. euro. It is several times cheaper than purchasing an apartment of a similar area in Sopot. A bit more expensive, from PLN 60,000. real estate prices in Antalya started in euros. It is the capital of the Turkish Riviera, which, according to local data, is visited by several million tourists every year. The offer of Turkish companies operating on the Polish market also includes more expensive premises in Istanbul, Trabzon, Bursa, as well as Ankara and Bodrum.

You can obtain Turkish citizenship by investing in real estate

– The entire process of completing the formalities, including the ownership deed, can be completed within 1-2 weeks – argued representatives of Turkish companies who offered their services at the recent real estate fair in Warsaw.

The possibility of obtaining Turkish citizenship by investing in real estate on the Bosphorus is also popular among our compatriots. “Foreign investors who will buy an apartment in Turkey worth at least PLN 400,000. dollars, they can apply for immediate Turkish citizenship. – argues the expert. This simplified procedure has been in force since June last year. Other owners of apartments or houses can also obtain Turkish citizenship. The only condition is permanent residence in this country for five years.

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