Hotels in Rzeszów are having their good times. Legionella has nothing to do with it

Hotels in Rzeszów are having their good times.  Legionella has nothing to do with it

Although Rzeszów is currently struggling with Legionella infections, the tourist industry does not feel it. – We are monitoring the situation, but so far we have no signals of anything disturbing happening – says the head of the Podkarpacka Regional Tourist Organization. For a completely different reason, hoteliers and gastronomy in the capital of Podkarpacie do not complain about occupancy.

By August 25, over a hundred Legionella infections were confirmed in Podkarpacie. Seven people died. Everything indicates that the source of infection may be the water supply network (its chlorination is announced for the weekend). – The tourism industry does not feel it, and we hope that this crisis will be resolved quickly. At the same time, please remember that our flagship tourist destinations, i.e. the Bieszczady, Beskid Niski and Roztocze, are regions that are not affected by this crisis – says Anna Brzechowska-Rębisz, director of PROT, and emphasizes that Rzeszów itself due to the war in Ukraine is in a special situation.

Hotels in Rzeszów – not only tourists

– Since the outbreak of the war in Ukraine, Rzeszów hotels and gastronomy have not complained about the lack of occupancy. However, this is not only due to tourists, but to a large part of people who come here to work, on business trips. They sleep in our hotels and willingly dine in the city – says Anna Brzechowska-Rębisz. As he explains, these include: journalists reporting on the conflict in Ukraine and people who, for various reasons, travel from Rzeszów to the Ukrainian side – this mainly concerns aid organizations. – A large part of these people are foreigners. There are currently a lot of them in Rzeszów – adds the president of PROT.

What is worth seeing in Rzeszów?

As Anna Brzechowska-Rębisz says, Rzeszów is a very pleasant city both to live and to visit. – Not too small and not too big – he adds. He personally recommends everyone who is in Rzeszów to see the modernized Underground Tourist Route. – The route presents the history of the city and the surrounding area in an extremely engaging way – he says.

These are not all the “recommendations” of the director of PROT. – The second place that, in my opinion, is a must-see is the “Łukasiewicz” Podkarpackie Science Center located near the airport in Jasionka. Here, I especially recommend the exhibition on aviation, which is the DNA of our region – he says. He closes his list with an attraction not necessarily Rzeszów, but, as he says, it is worth including in your plans when you are in this area. – This is our classic, the castle in Łańcut. It is one of the best preserved and most attractive palace interiors in Poland, he says.

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