A ring worth over PLN 3 million was found in a vacuum cleaner. The entire hotel was looking for him

A ring worth over PLN 3 million was found in a vacuum cleaner.  The entire hotel was looking for him

The item found in the dust belonged to a wealthy tourist from Malaysia. The irritated woman filed a complaint with the police.

Life at the Ritz hotel in Paris has been revolving around the lost ring of one of its clients for the last few days. Although facility staff often help guests in such situations, in this case all employees of the luxury hotel were exceptionally involved in the search. The price of the jewelry was significant – the cost of the Malaysian businesswoman’s ring was over PLN 3 million.

The woman suspected that she had been robbed

We often hear about hotel thefts committed by guests, but these types of service crimes are also not uncommon. For this reason, tourists often use the option of storing valuable items in a safe. The Malaysian woman, who reported the missing ring to the police on Friday, did not come up with such an idea. When she returned to her room after shopping, she was shocked to find that the jewelry she had left on the desk was gone. The value of the ring was estimated at EUR 750,000, or over PLN 3.2 million. Such a high sum caused quite a stir even in the five-star Ritz hotel, where a stay costs over PLN 8,000 per night. After reporting the matter to the services, the woman returned to her apartment in London and waited for the matter to be resolved.

Hotel employees found the lost item

After long hours of searching, security guards found the lost ring. On Sunday morning, the jewelry was found in a vacuum cleaner’s vacuum bag. The ring disappeared probably by accident and not, as the Malaysian guest suspected, as a result of a planned theft by hotel employees. “The Ritz Hotel stated that it had offered the woman three additional nights at the facility to compensate for the inconvenience,” reported the French newspaper Le Parisien. It turns out that the Malaysian does not intend to take up the offer of accommodation, but will return to Paris to collect the ring.

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