A stork was wandering around with a broken wing. He was caught after months of searching

A stork was wandering around with a broken wing.  He was caught after months of searching

The injured stork has been written about hundreds of times. The media publicized his case because he was wandering alone with a broken wing. Since it’s winter, the bird was in great danger. Fortunately, he is now safe.

The stork with a broken wing had been wanted since October 2023. The news that he had been found pleased not only ornithologists, but also ordinary fans of the bird who were interested in his fate. They tried to catch him many times to help him, but he always managed to escape. This time it was different.

A stork with a broken wing was caught. He wouldn’t survive the winter on his own

The stork we were looking for came from the area of ​​Niemojewice near Żarnów in the Łódź Voivodeship. It is an adult, but due to wing problems it could not fly to warm countries. In winter, he could easily become a victim of attacks by wild animals or simply suffer from hunger or cold. They wanted to prevent this, so they tried to catch him at all costs.

The stork was caught on Saturday, December 16. “The bird is in good condition, but it has a damaged wing and unfortunately it will never fly to Africa again,” said the head of the Animal Rehabilitation Center in Koło, where the bird was taken. The matter has been dealt with for a long time by, among others, local media. It was known that this month a group of women from Żarnów fed the animal. Unfortunately, this was not enough.

It wasn’t an easy task. The stork fled for months

The story of the stork from Niemojewice is quite touching and ended well mainly thanks to the good hearts of the inhabitants. Two women helping the bird asked for support, among others, at the commune office. “The lady from the office sent two plumbers to the site and they were supposed to catch the stork. People were running with flashlights, the stork was so scared that it moved into the nearby forest,” residents reported.

Ultimately, the manhunt was led by councilor Leszek Czyżykowski. Together with his son and a friend, they drove the stork into the bushes, approached it and caught it. This is how he described the situation, among others: mayor Krzysztof Nawrocki. It is known that the stork was taken to the Animal Rehabilitation Center in Koło near Piotrków Trybunalski. He is to stay there and be a doyen for the young storks in the center. Thanks to it, children will learn, among others: how to build nests.

There are many similar stories in Poland. Quite recently, thanks to the kindness of people, we managed to free the so-called the saddest fox ever. He sat in a cage for about 5 years in very poor health and no one helped him.

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