Tourists had a bonfire on Nosal. Firefighters had to extinguish the fire

Tourists had a bonfire on Nosal.  Firefighters had to extinguish the fire

There was a fire at the upper station of the closed ski lift in Nosal. Tourists who were heading to the top of the mountain are suspected of causing the threat.

Firefighters from the Headquarters of the State Fire Service in Zakopane received a disturbing report about a fire on the trail of a popular peak in Zakopane. Someone started a fire inside the closed lift station on Nosal. Suspicion fell on tourists who allegedly caused danger while climbing.

Fire on Nosal in the Tatra Mountains

On May 20, the Zakopane Fire Department was called to the upper station of the Nosal lift, which has been closed for 15 years. The popular medium-high peak located just above Kuźnice is the destination of many hiking trips of tourists coming to Zakopane. According to firefighters, they could have been behind the fire in a room that was used to transport tourists decades ago. “It turned out that someone had started a bonfire inside the premises of the former ski lift station. The smoke was clearly visible from below,” said the spokesman for the Zakopane guard, Andrzej Król-Łęgowski, for the Polish Press Agency.

We managed to put out the fire

Firefighters used off-road quads to reach the Nosalowa Pass, from where they continued along the tourist trail for the next several dozen minutes. The services managed to prevent the fire from spreading and extinguish the burning station, where no one was present. This time, tourists were very lucky, but they should remember about the risk of fires, which is currently very high throughout Poland. The sunny weather and lack of rainfall pleases our compatriots, but it may pose a threat, especially in flammable forest areas. In recent days, eighteen fire brigades have been fighting a huge fire that broke out in the Bory Tucholskie National Park in the Pomeranian Voivodeship. The strong wind turned out to be very dangerous and easily spread the flames to other trees.

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