The Germans defeated Dworczyk, abortion divides the coalition and the difficult beginnings of the Taxpayer's Rights Bill. What else in the new “Wprost”?

The Germans defeated Dworczyk, abortion divides the coalition and the difficult beginnings of the Taxpayer's Rights Bill.  What else in the new "Wprost"?

Moreover, in the issue Czyż about the great mission, Cymański about the breakup with Ziobro, Gilon about the purges at Polsat, as well as: Terlikowski defends Hołownia, Mejza does not want to pay, a Pole for the head of NATO and many others.

“The Germans defeated Dworczyk.” We have known for a long time that German intelligence is so infiltrated by Moscow that it leaks like a colander. However, it is even worse, since Chancellor Olaf Scholz himself reveals the presence of allied troops in Ukraine, and German generals allow themselves to be recorded by the Russians, holding confidential meetings regarding Taurus missiles on an open, civilian communicator – writes Jakub Mielnik.

What else in the new edition of “Wprost”

“There is no common sense here.” There were scuffles between protesting farmers and the police in front of the Parliament, and several officers were injured. Former Minister of Agriculture Marek Sawicki he says in an interview with Agnieszka Niełościowskathat if it were not for Piotr Duda, head of NSZZ “Solidarność”, there would be no riot.

“The scandal on Nowogrodzka Street”. “Wprost” obtained instructions regarding the local government campaign that were sent to PiS politicians. There was a suggestion to follow the PO politician's spot, he writes Joanna Miziołek.

“Presidential pre-election calculations”. – At the end of the year, we will do final tests, after which Donald will decide whether he will run alone or put forward Rafał – reveals a politician close to Donald Tusk in the text Joanna Miziołek.

“Hate kills reason.” – The circumstances of my departure from the party and parting with Zbyszek Ziobro were not very elegant – he says Agnieszka Niełościowska Tadeusz Cymańskiformer MP of Solidarity Poland.

“An MP who does not bow to penalties.” As “Wprost” learns, PiS MP Łukasz Mejza has still not paid the fine imposed on him by the authorities of Zielona Góra for hanging illegal posters. More in the text Piotr Barejka.

“The hate heaped on Hołownia's head is embarrassing.” Abortion divides and will divide Poles, but also the coalition currently ruling in Poland. These differences cannot be shouted down, and an attempt to force Third Way politicians to give up their views is not only unacceptable, but also politically irresponsible – he writes Tomasz P. Terlikowski.

“I believe in the mission of public television.” Paulina Socha-Jakubowska talking to Marek Czyżwho is one of the faces of the “19:30” program and the change that took place in Woronicza last December.

“Being on TV is fleeting.” Karolina Gilon, host of “Love Island. Island of Love” and “Ninja Warrior Polska” tells the story Wiktor Krajewski among others about how she was stressed about the purges at Polsat.

“Taxpayer's Bill of Rights”. – Maybe even the current government knows that such a Charter is needed, but it is doing it in such a way that scientists will have to criticize it – he says Marek Isańskipresident of the Taxpayer's Rights Foundation, in an interview Szymon Krawiec.

“Goats, diamonds and platinum ambassadors.” They say that without experience, special skills or large investments, you will be able to earn a lot of money. All you need is internet access. And discipline – he writes about TikTok millionaires Karol Górski.

“Diplomatic maneuvers”. Election of the head of NATO – it could be Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas, but nothing stops us from nominating a Polish candidate at the last minute – suggests Jakub Mielnik.

“Africa – damned stereotypes.” – The Western world treats Africa patronizingly, believing that only it knows the solution to African problems, he says Krystyna Romanowska Dipo Faloyinauthor of the book “Africa is not a country”.

“The country that is sinking.” 2024 is an absolutely record year for democracy. Never before in history have so many people voted in one year. He writes about the big vote in the smallest country in the world Miłosz Szymański.

“Obesity is a disease.” Psychologist Adrianna Sobol says Katarzyna Świerczyńska about how obese people should be treated. It also refers to the now fashionable body positivity movement.

“The Intrigues of the Golden Guy's 'Golden' Children.” The Oscars were awarded on the night from Sunday to Monday (March 10-11). Leszek Bugajski recommends a book about this golden statuette and the emotions and intrigues that have surrounded it for nearly a hundred years – “Oscar Wars” by Michael Schulman.

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