A shocking performance by a British politician. He stripped off on a reality show

A shocking performance by a British politician.  He stripped off on a reality show

British politician Nigel Farage is one of the participants of the reality show “I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!”. In the last episode, an ardent critic of the European Union shocked fans of the program by taking a bath on TV.

“I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here!” is a British reality show that has been broadcast since 2002. It presents the everyday struggles of various groups of celebrities taking part in unusual challenges in extreme conditions.

Former MEP in a reality show

The latest season of “I’m a Celeb” features, among others, Nigel Farage – a former British MEP and Eurosceptic who actively worked for Great Britain to leave the European Union. He was also one of the founders of the UK Independence Party and leader of the Brexit Party.

Since retiring from politics in 2021, he has been presenting programs on the GB News channel. In recent months, he had to give up his role as a presenter to participate in a reality show. His announcement already caused a lot of controversy, and in Thursday’s episode of “I’m a Celeb” he shocked both participants and viewers.

Nigel Farage stripped off on the show

The 59-year-old stripped naked to take a hot bath in the bathtub located in the center of the camp. When he came out, another celebrity noticed him. “I just saw something I never expected to see: Nigel naked,” she told another participant. She stated that she noticed the former politician’s buttocks during the first day of recording. The woman told Farage about the situation. – Is it true? It’s not that bad, right? – he reacted.

Viewers began to appeal to the production to shorten the airtime devoted to the controversial 59-year-old. “Petition to STOP showing Nigel’s ass in the first five minutes, PLEASE,” they wrote. Some fans, instead of criticizing him, decided to joke about his unsuccessful campaign. “This is NOT what we had in mind when we said we wanted to see Nigel Farage withdraw,” wrote one Internet user.

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