A house with a view of comfort. Advantages of large glazing

A house with a view of comfort.  Advantages of large glazing

When choosing a comfortable place to relax, we instinctively look for facilities with a picturesque view. Access to natural light, a long and wide perspective and a sense of unlimited space help us relax and improve our well-being. This is why houses with large glazing are synonymous with comfort and luxury, and modern joinery offers more and more possibilities in this respect.

Modern buildings, in which we spend most of our lives – almost 90%, are designed not only to provide comfortable usable space, but also to create conditions conducive to maintaining the health and well-being of users. There is no need to convince anyone how important access to natural light is for mental hygiene. Just like the proximity to nature, greenery and open space. According to the Polish Ecological Building Association, in sustainable construction the environment is one of three components, also in the understanding of the awareness of the positive impact of nature on humans and ensuring its proximity. This is one of the reasons why large glazing, e.g. with a view of the garden or green areas, is such a popular element of intelligent and luxurious buildings. What other benefits of panoramic glazing tempt investors and home owners so much?


Large glazing has become a permanent part of the modern appearance of the facades of not only office buildings and hotels, but above all single-family houses. Most often, they are a link between the kitchen or living room and the garden. They allow you to obtain a panoramic view, blur the division between the interior of the house and the landscape outside the window, and give a sense of unlimited space. The less visible this connection is, the better the effect. More and more aesthetic solutions are possible thanks to advanced technologies. – “The MB-SKYLINE sliding door system with a hidden frame is based on narrow profiles, thanks to which the structures gain a modern and minimalist look. Narrow frames are hidden in the walls, floor and ceiling. We also have completely flush wings with the frame profile on the sides. The visible width of the door leaf connection is only 25 mm. The whole is almost uniform glazing with delicate dividing lines. Doors made in this way give the building a unique style, perfectly fit into the trends of luxury construction and thus raise the profile of the entire investment. Additionally, the system allows the use of doors up to 4 meters high, which gives designers many options and allows for spectacular glazing. says Bożena Ryszka, Marketing and PR Director of Aluprof SA.


Bright interiors with access to natural light are one of the most important advantages of large glazing in single-family houses. To obtain maximum benefits from access to sunlight, large windows or patio doors should face south or southeast. Modern window and door systems also allow you to increase comfort in other areas. – T“Technologically advanced systems such as MB-SKYLINE can be opened manually or automatically, and drives and control units can be hidden in the frame profiles or mounted outside the structure,” says Bożena Ryszka from Aluprof.


For large glazing to be fully effective, it must provide thermal insulation at the highest level. For this you need appropriate profiles. Aluminum profiles in particular achieve excellent parameters. – “The production of aluminum windows and doors uses warm profiles, constructed of two aluminum sections and a thermal insert. Modern designs enable the production of products with very high insulation. For example, MB-SKYLINE includes profiles with a 3-chamber structure with U thermal insulationIN from 0.85 W/(m2K). The thermal comfort is also influenced by the glazing, which is why the above-mentioned system uses triple-pane glazing with a thickness ranging from 52 to 60 mm,” summarizes Bożena Ryszka.

When choosing large glazing in your home, it is worth choosing solutions that will not only ensure a perfect appearance, but also ensure the comfort, safety and convenience of the residents.

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