The head of the National Security Bureau on a possible conflict with Russia. “Two and a half years left”

The head of the National Security Bureau on a possible conflict with Russia.  "Two and a half years left"

– The worst-case scenario is to break through the front line, i.e. make a breach in the first line of defense. Russia has five times more ammunition than the Ukrainians. I hope that ammunition assistance from Europe will reach Ukraine literally in the coming days, said Jacek Siewiera, head of the National Security Bureau, in the “Speaking Wprost” program.

Did the Polish delegation hear any new information from Joe Biden about a possible armed conflict with the Russian Federation? – Undoubtedly, meetings behind closed doors have this nature: a conversation, maybe not confidential, but in a close circle. And the President of the United States, in addition to the issue of NATO unity and pointing to the key role of Poland on the eastern flank of the Alliance, also raised issues regarding support for Ukraine, his vision and his perspective on strategic challenges regarding the future of NATO – explains the head of the National Security Bureau.

– All NATO allies have access to more or less comparable knowledge when it comes to assessing the threat from the Russian Federation, and we must be aware that all NATO allies also approach the threat in a very balanced way – he adds.

Jacek Siewiera also warns that there is little time left to prepare for a possible armed conflict with the Russian Federation. He also spoke about the danger that may soon affect Ukraine.

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Here's a fragment of the episode:

Head of the National Security Bureau: Today, the US defense doctrine is most effectively implemented by Russia

– The doctrine declared by US President Joe Biden: that NATO will not give up an inch of land and will not allow its violation is a strong defense doctrine and such a political declaration, but in reality, in combat operations, today this doctrine is unfortunately most effectively implemented by the Russian Federation. It is implemented in Donbas and on the entire front line, says Jacek Siewiera.

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