Father Rydzyk turned to Tusk. “Why do you discriminate against us?”

Father Rydzyk turned to Tusk.  "Why do you discriminate against us?"

Father Tadeusz Rydzyk reacted to the statement of Donald Tusk, who stated that the state “will not finance any more empires like Father Rydzyk's.” – This is misleading – the Redemptorist said on Radio Maryja.

During the rule of the United Right, projects related to Father Tadeusz Rydzyk were generously subsidized from state money. The new government announced a report in which the exact amounts would be revealed. Unofficially, there is talk of up to PLN 400 million. The case – at the request of the Speaker of the Sejm, Szymon Hołownia – is also to be dealt with by the Supreme Audit Office. However, Rydzyk himself stated in an interview with “Nasz Dziennik” that PiS “didn't give him anything.”

The Redemptorist has just delivered a proclamation on Radio Maryja, in which he stated that the station is “hated” and “fighted against.” He also appealed for “ardent prayer” to drive away the “demons of lies.” – Our good name is being taken away in various ways. Certain organizations have been doing this for a long time – especially since they contemptuously called the listeners of Radio Maryja “mohair berets” – said Father Rydzyk. He added that the “slinging of mud” had intensified recently. – We see that there is one goal in all this – to destroy us in public opinion, to eliminate us, he said.

– After the statements made these days, including those of the Prime Minister in Białystok, I decided to address our family – explained Tadeusz Rydzyk. He noted that Tusk talked about “father Rydzyk's empire” and “alleged” subsidies provided by the previous government. – This is misleading those listening to you. We work for the glory of God, for the common good, for our homeland, compatriots and people. This is our calling and we have an obligation to do it, he said. – Why do you discriminate against us? – He was asking.

Donald Tusk's firm declaration regarding Rydzyk

During Saturday's meeting in Białystok, Donald Tusk said that the government had started to “put things in order” and the state “will not finance any more empires like the empire of Rydzyk's father.”

We recently revealed in “Wprost” that the assets of the Lux Veritatis foundation and people associated with Father Tadeusz Rydzyk have been growing over the years not only with donations made by believers or “cars from a homeless person”, but also with real estate throughout the country. Father Director benefited from the favor of the authorities and the generosity of listeners, who donated houses and apartments to the foundation. In Warsaw, the residences were built by Lidia Kochanowicz-Mańk, called Rydzyk's “accountant”. Apartments there were bought there, among others, by people associated with PiS.

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