A paradise vacation turned into a nightmare. 41 tourists from Poland in hospital

A paradise vacation turned into a nightmare.  41 tourists from Poland in hospital

Sometimes a dream vacation can end in a very unpleasant way. This was discovered by a group of tourists from Poland who decided to spend this year’s holiday in Albania.

Low prices, exceptionally hospitable inhabitants, beautiful landscapes, access to warm turquoise water, as well as high temperatures – all this makes Albania one of the most popular holiday destinations for tourists from Poland this year.

In 2022, 7.5 million tourists visited Albania and the Albanian Institute of Statistics reported that from January to April, 3.54 million tourists arrived here, which is a 35 percent increase. However, as it turns out, sometimes dream holidays can have an extremely unpleasant ending.

Over 40 tourists from Poland in a hospital in Albania. What happened?

The Albanian website Politiko reported that on Friday, August 25, over 40 travelers from Poland checked into the hospital in Vlorë, a city on the Adriatic coast. This group included 20 children aged 14 and 15. The tourists had serious symptoms of food poisoning. They complained of gastrointestinal problems. According to reports from doctors working at a local hospital, their condition is not serious – there is no threat to life.

The reasons for the poisoning remain unknown for now. The local police are investigating the circumstances of the incident. According to unofficial reports, a few hours earlier, a group from Poland went on a guided cruise on a tourist boat to Sazan Island and the Karaburun Peninsula. Hospital director Bruna Mersini said that exceptionally high temperatures could also have affected the health of travelers from Poland.

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