Wasyl Zwarycz on relations with Poland: The current situation increases the level of emotions

Wasyl Zwarycz on relations with Poland: The current situation increases the level of emotions

The Ukrainian ambassador to Poland stated that there is no major crisis in the mutual relations of the two countries. He argued that Zelensky did not compare Russia to Poland.

Wasyl Zwarycz was the guest of Piasecki’s Interview on TVN24. When asked if there was a break or end in relations with Poland, he said: “No, we work normally.” He admitted that emotions are high during the election campaign, but “there is no major crisis.” – We need to explain a few things to each other – he said.

– If not a crisis, then what is it? – asked the host. – The situation we are in simply increases the level of emotions – replied the ambassador after a while. He added that the issue of solidarity of the free world is an existential issue for Ukraine, because Putin will not abandon his plans to destroy Ukraine.

Zwarycz on Zelensky’s statement: An appeal to maintain unity

Vasyl Zvarych was also asked about President Volodymyr Zelensky’s controversial statement about Poland at the UN forum. In the context of maintaining the embargo on Ukrainian grain, Zelensky said that it was “setting the stage for an actor from Moscow.”

Zvarycz explained that Zelensky’s statement showed how much Ukraine cares about unity and it was, in fact, an appeal for its preservation. – There was no accusation against Poland – he argued. – But whose address was it if not Poland? – Piasecki asked. – There are signs that unity may be violated. We must be brave to preserve it, argued the ambassador. He added that the President of Ukraine did not compare Poland to Russia and this was “too far-reaching an interpretation.”

– Do you consider what those in power are doing as a violation of solidarity? – asked the presenter. – I wouldn’t say that. I understand that each country has its own interests. I am in favor of defending these interests, but maintaining unity (…) We are friendly towards Poland – replied the guest.

When asked about being summoned to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, he said that “it is a natural diplomatic practice.”
– I really like the rugs in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (…) – he joked. – Sometimes it is better to explain something privately than through the media – he said.

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