Polish jumpers are sounding the alarm. There was a commotion in the frame

Polish jumpers are sounding the alarm.  There was a commotion in the frame

Since the announcement of changes in the starting amounts for the leading teams in the World Cup, many ski jumpers have been expressing their dissatisfaction. There is no shortage of objections to the FIS decision in the Polish team, and more and more competitors are speaking out on this matter. Piotr Żyła, Jakub Wolny and Paweł Wąsek did not hide their outrage.

The winter ski jumping season is already behind us. The first competition will be held on November 25 in Ruka, Finland, followed by qualifications. Polish pilots are improving their fitness in Lillehammer, Norway, while remaining active in the media. The FIS changes in the starting quota of the best ski jumping nations were not well received, and the words of our representatives speak for themselves.

Polish jumpers outraged by FIS changes

FIS President Sandro Pertile explained in an interview with skijumping.pl that it was decided to introduce changes after the management came to the conclusion that the vast majority of World Cup points are won by the six best teams. Therefore, there will be a fight for the composition in the Polish national team, and Thomas Thurnbichler will have to scratch his head if jumpers who are in good shape will not be able to take part in the World Cup.

Jakub Wolny admitted to sport.pl that the FIS decision is strange to him, because it will make the lives of competitors who want to take part in the World Cup more difficult. In turn, Paweł Wąsek expressed dissatisfaction with the changes in the control system. Let us remind you that the federation has decided to introduce 3D scanners for body inspection, and the games will feature duet competitions instead of traditional team competitions.

“We are not happy that it keeps changing, especially since not everything was perfect in the new control system. We heard that they were going to test us again before the competition in Ruka. We hope that in this measurement everything will be as it should be, without controversy. In my opinion, some issues are forced,” said the ski jumper for TVP Sport.

Piotr Żyła: What do we have to talk about?

Piotr Żyła, as one of the most experienced Polish jumpers, also devoted a few sentences to the new changes. He is not satisfied with the decisions of the FIS, but he realizes that as pilots they will have no influence on them.

“I may have my own opinion, which you have just met, and it does not approve of this idea. But what do we have to say? I can say that jumping because of these decisions will only become more and more exclusive. But listen, we are aware that even if we spoke up, probably no one would do anything about it. And there is a feeling that this is not within our competence. We are players, we don’t decide,” added Piotr Żyła.

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