It's best not to wear these things on the plane. Other passengers will thank you too

It's best not to wear these things on the plane.  Other passengers will thank you too

Comfort when traveling by plane is the most important thing. So what to wear to feel comfortable during the flight? We have collected a few things that are definitely not suitable for such a trip. It's not just about safety.

Specialists' advice regularly appears online on what to take in hand luggage if you plan to fly, or what items to put in a checked suitcase. In addition, passengers are looking for tips that will tell them what to wear on a plane flight. Such a journey – especially a long one – should be as comfortable as possible for us. But it turns out that not all clothes considered comfortable will work well on a plane. What is the dress code for flights? See.

You shouldn't wear this on a plane

Some time ago, a flight attendant shared with Internet users important advice that flip-flops are not the best footwear for a plane. All because in the event of an evacuation, which should take place as soon as possible, they may fall off our feet. Due to the potential danger that may occur on a plane, we should also give up leggings. They are usually made of polyester or other artificial material, which makes them flammable. But these are not the only items of clothing that we should give up during our skyward journey.

Travel experts at Conde Nast Traveler have revealed how they “dress strategically” to ensure their clothes don't get in the way of their comfort.

First of all, they give up “stiff jeans”. However, old sweatpants are also not welcome on board, even if they are comfortable. Instead, travelers should choose a set of comfortable home clothing consisting of cotton trousers and a sweatshirt.

“The best outfit to wear on a plane is one that makes you feel comfortable while looking neat. A pair of soft pants and a sweatshirt/jacket is a sure recipe for a successful airplane outfit,” write the journalists.

Another clothing mistake that passengers often make on flights is wearing sneakers or shoes that are difficult to put on and take off. Laced shoes are particularly uncomfortable, especially for people who take off their shoes during the flight.

“Lightweight slip-on shoes” are the shoes we should choose for long-haul flights.

“I never wear trainers on a long flight because the moment I want to take them off, I have to crouch down, untie the laces, and then I have to tie them properly if I go to the bathroom, for example. Make your life easier by choosing lightweight slip-on shoes and pair them with comfortable socks or compression socks if you're prone to swelling.”

This type of footwear will also work well when passing through security gates. Sometimes the guard asks a given passenger to take off his shoes, and we can take off the slip-on shoes in a second.

“Belts, jackets with complicated buckles or zippers, and shoes that are difficult to take off should be avoided. You should get through the gate as quickly as possible, and they will make it difficult for you. Also, remember to pack your carry-on bag with electronic items and toiletries on top so they can be easily removed. Passengers will hate you if you spend ages unpacking and repacking your luggage,” adds a Conde Nast flight attendant.

What do you think about it? Do you have any proven tips for traveling by plane?

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