Tragic accident in the Canary Islands. A Pole tried to save his drowning son

Tragic accident in the Canary Islands.  A Pole tried to save his drowning son

A charming beach in Fuerteventura became the site of an unexpected disaster. The sea currents in this place can easily knock a person over.

An unfortunate accident occurred on Tuesday in the town of La Pared in Fuerteventura during a holiday stay in the Canary Islands. Due to its favorable climate and low air ticket prices, many Polish tourists visit this sunny island every year. However, the Atlantic Ocean can be much less calm than other waters in Europe. Unfortunately, a Polish family found out about this, where the father died trying to save his son from drowning.

The man wanted to save his child

An accident on the western shore of Fuerteventura turned a dream vacation into a family tragedy. It all started when a 44-year-old Pole noticed his son’s problems while swimming in the ocean at the Playa del Viejo Rey beach. The father and another family member went into the water to help the boy get out of the strong waves. A local rescuer arrived at the scene, intercepted the injured 19-year-old and helped him out of the water. At the same time, the boy’s father, who was approaching the shore leaning on the lifeboard, suddenly lost strength and sank under the water. “I couldn’t find him anymore,” says the rescuer.

Helicopter search

To locate the man’s location, it was decided to use a helicopter. The body of the 44-year-old was found and brought to shore. According to, similar tragedies have occurred here in the past. A year ago, another Pole drowned in the central part of Fuerteventura, near Cofete beach. Then the accident also occurred while bathing with her son. “According to the sea rescue services, on average every few days there are cases of rescuing people carried away by the waves in the archipelago. This is due to tourists’ low awareness as well as reckless and thoughtless behavior,” we read. In the case of sea and ocean bathing, please read the announcements regarding the currents occurring on a given beach.

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