A tornado in a paradise resort. Six people injured

A tornado in a paradise resort.  Six people injured

A tornado passed through one of the Turkish towns and caused damage. Six people were injured. See what this phenomenon looked like.

Türkiye is one of the safest countries for tourists. It's no wonder that so many guests visit it every year. In Poland, this country is the undisputed number one for holidays and in 2023, this is where the most Poles went abroad. It turns out, however, that although the climate here is favorable and the inhabitants are hospitable, sometimes dangerous phenomena occur. This is what people present in Antalya province have been struggling with recently. A tornado passed through here.

Tornado in Turkey

The creator of the Facebook profile Cataclysms in Poland and the world wrote about the phenomenon in Poland. He posted a video online showing objects spinning in the air under the influence of strong winds. The phenomenon not only caused damage to the environment it passed through, but also led to injuries to six people.

“A fairly strong tornado, classified as IF1 on the international Fujita scale, hit the city of Kumluca in Antalya province in southwestern Turkey on Tuesday, March 5. Six people were injured. The tornado formed over the Mediterranean Sea and moments later entered the land, where it caused considerable damage – it broke trees, damaged or destroyed many greenhouses and photovoltaic panels. There was a lot of cleaning, because fragments of damaged objects were scattered all over the area,” we read on the website Disasters in Poland and around the world.

The incident occurred in Antalya province

What may be disturbing to many people is that the incident took place in Antalya province. It is one of the most popular resorts in Turkey. Antalya as a city is located in the southwestern part of the country, on the Bay of Antalya in the Mediterranean Sea, in the ancient land of Pamphylia, at the southern foot of the Taurus Mountains. It is a holiday resort of the Turkish Riviera. In 2018, Antalya had 1,194,204 inhabitants, but was visited by… 11.27 million tourists from all over the world. Even then it was the tenth most visited city in the world. However, the number of tourists in this place is still growing.

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