A doctor connected to a drip was on duty. A disturbing video has been leaked

A doctor connected to a drip was on duty.  A disturbing video has been leaked

Journalists have published a video that appears to be from a monitoring station located in one of Krakow's hospitals. We see a doctor sitting at a desk with a drip connected. The disturbing situation was publicized by the editorial staff of TVN24.

During the recording, the doctor asks the intern to “go get the ampoules.” It is not certain what substance was in them, but later during the conversation the word “fentanyl” is mentioned.

The medicine was supposed to disappear from the medicine cabinet

Fentanyl is a drug from the group of synthetic opioids. Its analgesic effect is relatively strong, but its effect is short-lived. Sometimes it is administered in small amounts to patients – before anesthesia – says Medonet. It may also cause a narcotic effect, giving you peace of mind. The substance also has addictive potential.

As the station's interlocutors found out, ampoules with fentanyl allegedly “disappeared” from the first aid kit of the hospital emergency department at the facility. Stefan Żeromski in Krakow. In addition to the substance mentioned, deficiencies have also been noticed in oxycodone (a drug from the opioid group, with an analgesic effect) and morphine (a compound from the alkaloid group, also causing analgesic effects).

People who talked to TVN24 journalists claim that one of the doctors may be connected with the whole case. He was supposed to then take medicines through a drip. The superiors were informed about the case in November – the doctor was to be under their supervision and forbidden to visit the room with the above-mentioned substances. The case was also taken up by the prosecutor's office, which is investigating a suspected violation of the provisions of the Act on Counteracting Drug Addiction.

There was no fentanyl in the ampoules? The doctor says it was a nausea medicine

TVN24 talked about this matter, among others: with the hospital director – Lech Kucharski, who has been working at the hospital for 40 years. He said that officially the hospital has no information that would indicate that one of the doctors is addicted to fentanyl. He is in favor of “clarifying” the matter. He has already taken steps in this matter – he ordered an inspection, but the suspicions were not confirmed. The doctor surrendered to, among other things, tests for the presence of psychoactive substances in the body, but it turned out that there was no trace of them. In an interview with TVN24, the doctor said that he had no problems with such substances, so he was not addicted to any, while the ampoule he asked the intern to bring was supposed to contain medicine, among others. for nausea. He said he felt bad at the time.

The following people were asked to comment on the case: Professor Tomasz Grodzicki from the Collegium Medicum of the Jagiellonian University. The case aroused emotions – he said that a doctor under a drip who admits patients and “gives consultations” is a situation that “goes beyond certain rules.” He emphasized that in the event of poor health or unwell condition, the doctor should receive a sick leave and stay at home.

TVN24 also revealed that the doctor featured in the video was previously dismissed from another medical facility, which was allegedly related to narcotic drugs. However, an employee of a hospital in Małopolska denied this. He commented that this is an “old case” and related to the one about which TVN24 prepared and published material on April 25.

Fentanyl is a very dangerous substance

It is worth adding that people who use various substances recreationally are increasingly using fentanyl. More and more people in the West are addicted to this drug, although their number is also growing in Poland. Onet recently talked to addiction psychotherapy specialist Jacek Błażejewski, who said that “someone who decides to use fentanyl in its pure form runs the risk of immediate death, and someone who illegally distributes it should be immediately detained and stopped,” he emphasized. .

Recently, there was a lot of news about the situation in Żuromin in Masovia, where an opioid drug took the lives of five residents.

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