A new way of validating tickets in Warsaw. The residents are waiting for a revolution

A new way of validating tickets in Warsaw.  The residents are waiting for a revolution

The end of long queues for magnetic cards and the abandonment of subway gates? The website warszawawpigulce.pl announces huge changes in the capital's public transport.

Warsaw public transport is to be significantly improved. All thanks to the new ticket system, which has been talked about for some time. The tender procedure has now entered the decisive phase and we should soon meet the contractor for the project.

Warsaw wants modern tickets

It is known that public transport in Warsaw will in the future move away from ticket machines, validators and even subway gates. No more cardboard tickets with a magnetic stripe. The situation is to be revolutionized by a new system that will, above all, facilitate payments.

Of course, the goal is also to introduce modern forms of payment for travel, such as Blik or NFC. A central passenger account will also be created to which we will assign proximity devices. The new system will even suggest the most advantageous routes and trip planning.

Vice-President of Warsaw Michał Olszewski emphasized that the current ticket system in the city is outdated and is over 20 years old. After implementing the new solutions, the contractor is to provide the service for 10 years at first, because the capital authorities are afraid that the rapid development of technology may soon overtake this change.

Warsaw. When to expect changes in public transport?

Talks with bidders have been ongoing since April 8 and will last until the end of May. They are divided into 5 sections:

  • technical issues,

  • implementation,

  • business continuity,

  • contractual provisions,

  • promoting the project and informing residents.

The implementation of the system is to begin 1.5 years after selecting the contractor and last approximately 2 years. During the transition period, traditional tickets will also work. The current system is expected to be completely eliminated only in 2028.

There are four entities competing for this tender:

  • Mint of Poland,

  • consortium of Mera-Serwis and SGL,

  • Cubic Transporation Systems,

  • consortium of Orange Polska, Ridango and Integrated Solutions.

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