It is worth taking care of your spine

It is worth taking care of your spine

According to estimates, as many as 80% of people experience some type of back pain at some point in their lives. Pain causes discomfort, makes everyday functioning difficult and reduces the quality of life.

There can be many causes of back pain. It is often caused by mechanical trauma, overload or degenerative changes. Older people are especially at risk of back discomfort, as their spine is more susceptible to damage. Physical condition and the nature of the work performed are also important – lack of exercise and a sedentary lifestyle may contribute to the occurrence of ailments such as back pain or wrist pain. Back pain may also be associated with overweight and obesity. It is also caused by long-term stress and even depression.

Physiotherapy helps in the fight against pain

One way to help with such pain is physiotherapy. This is one of the alternative methods of eliminating joint pain and improving overall health.

The company “NUGA MEDICAL CO. LTD” was established in South Korea in 2002 and is one of the few international medical companies that specializes in the production of rehabilitation equipment for home use.

The company's know-how – Tourmanium Ceramics, is a powerful tool for restoring health. Tourmanium ceramics is a high-quality alloy of tourmaline, germanium, elvanium and volcanic rocks. When heated, ceramic tourmaline becomes a source of infrared radiation with healing properties. Ceramics (clay) are themselves a valuable component of the earth's crust. At elevated temperatures, it provides the human body with an impulse that restores the integrity of cells, so it can provide relief from pain and improve overall health.

Since 2002, Nuga Best devices have been recognized and widely used in over 115 countries. During this time, the company opened over 3,500 showrooms-shops for Nuga Best devices around the world. Nuga Medical Co. Ltd awarded as a “world-class company” and won the “Brand of the Year” title in South Korea for 7 years in a row (2017-2024).

Popular devices

One of the company's most popular devices is the N6 combined stimulator – a preventive method that combines mechanical massage, deep infrared radiation and electromyostimulation. The comprehensive action is aimed at reducing muscle and nervous tension, stretching the spine and increasing the body's mobility.

In the N6 model, Tourmanium plates are designed to warm the arms and legs. Blood circulation is the worst in the calf area. Tourmanium rugs significantly improve blood circulation in the legs. This is especially important for older people and people with diabetes. The infrared heat generated by Tourmanium ceramic plates increases the heating effect, improves metabolism and reduces pain. Thermal impact helps reduce neuromuscular tension and increase the strength and capabilities of your own body.

Thermal impact and point massage reduce pain in the chest muscles. The lumbar section is the most massive part of the spine, where the main weight of the body rests. Therefore, the projector, which is intended for the lumbar and sacral sections, has four pairs of rollers arranged symmetrically in two rows. By supporting the lumbar spine in the form of a curved letter “S”, the built-in projector, due to its large surface, effectively affects the nerve roots of each vertebra. Thanks to daily use and the various functions of the N6 massager, you can provide comprehensive massage and relief to every part of the body that needs it.

Debut on the Polish market

The company debuted in Poland in 2006, but its actual development took place after 2014. Nuga Best is visited by approximately 3,500 people every day. Nuga Best branches are showrooms – demonstration stores where the brand's devices for home use are presented. Visiting salons and actively participating in daily massages does not involve the obligation to purchase or sign any contracts.

Unlimited visits to Nuga Best branches and improved health make people eager to come for a massage. We have more than 2740 opinions only in Poland! Some guests have had over 1,000 visits. Nuga Best pursues its goals by serving people around the world through authorized salons. Currently, there are 29 Nuga Best salons in the largest cities in Poland.

Find a salon in your city on our website and sign up for free demonstration massages! Because it's better to try once than to hear a thousand times!

Nuga Best changes the quality of life!

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