A bridge to the paradise island will be built. They have waited thousands of years for him

A bridge to the paradise island will be built.  They have waited thousands of years for him

Italians are getting ready for serious changes. After years of planning, construction of the bridge to Sicily will finally begin. Thanks to it, this charming region will be connected with the rest of the country.

Sicily is a charming Italian island located in the Mediterranean Sea. It attracts crowds of tourists every year. She is known, among others, from high temperatures, sandy beaches, monuments and green hills. While relaxing there, you can enjoy delicious cuisine and local wine. For thousands of years, the Rhine region did not have a bridge that would easily connect it with the rest of the country. Although we can easily get there by plane or ferry, many people lack more efficient communication.

Bridge to Sicily. They want to start construction this year

After many years of efforts to successfully build a road-rail bridge to Sicily, specific changes have been announced. The Italian government promises that work is scheduled to start this summer. Some experts assess the forecasts skeptically and do not have such optimistic visions regarding the deadlines. We just have to wait until the reality is verified.

This project has been approached many times before. The writings of Pliny the Elder showed that the dream of a bridge connecting Italy with Sicily through the Strait of Messina was born in ancient Rome. Then the consul Metellus wove together barrels and wood to transport 100 war elephants from Carthage to Rome in 252 BC. Since then, the concept has returned from time to time, and there have been ideas to create a tunnel.

The bridge project was rejected for various reasons, including: due to high costs, technical possibilities or concerns about mafia infiltration and environmental impact. Today, after many studies and dangerous experiences related to, among others, with earthquakes, many conclusions have been drawn to ensure that everything will be safe after construction. “The bridge as a whole is very flexible and heavy, and will be subjected to relatively small forces, but the towers – tall and stiff – will face larger forces,” explained seismic engineer Faccioli.

Bridge to Sicily. It will make traveling much easier

The mentioned bridge to Sicily is to be the largest of its kind. It will be without supports, approximately 3.5 m wide and 3,300 m span. It will be placed on the Strait of Messina separating Sicily from the mainland of Italy, and more precisely, the north-eastern tip of the island. The project is handled by Stretto di Messina.

On the road, tourists will see three lanes in each direction and two railway tracks. All this is intended to improve everyday communication. Currently, it takes about 2 hours to get to Sicily by ferry. After the changes, we will cross the bridge in up to 15 minutes.

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