Holidays in these two countries will be the cheapest in 2024. Just over PLN 7,000 for a family

Holidays in these two countries will be the cheapest in 2024. Just over PLN 7,000 for a family

Inflation and price increases do not stop Poles from traveling. Many of us are already looking for next year’s holidays. However, due to the overwhelming prices, we want to spend as little as possible on vacation. Travel agencies compete with each other in first deal promotions. Despite this, it is clear that next year two countries will lead in terms of cheapness.

Planning a family vacation is quite a challenge, not only logistically, but also financially. In addition to amenities for children, the budget is the basic criterion for choosing a holiday destination. This is another season when it is most profitable to buy First Deal offers. After analyzing them, it turns out that Bulgaria will be the cheapest next year. Right behind it on the podium are sunny Tunisia and Türkiye.

Cheapest Bulgaria, Türkiye, Tunisia

– Bulgaria is in first place among the cheapest proposals. We can book a week-long all-inclusive holiday for 2 adults + 2 children in Golden Sands or Sunny Beach in July and August for as little as PLN 7,300 – confirms Maciej Nykiel, president of Nekera.

The price for such a family of 4 includes all costs, i.e. flight by charter plane from and to Poland, bus transfer in Bulgaria from and to the hotel, stay in a luxury hotel with full board and drinks, on-site care by a Polish resident and insurance.

If we expect a higher hotel standard, the price will automatically increase.

– The cost of such a trip to Bulgaria will then be from PLN 9.5 thousand. PLN up – adds Eliza Dzięciołowska, manager of the showroom in Ząbki.

Bulgaria is one of the most popular destinations for summer holidays with children. Guaranteed weather, warm Black Sea and a developed base of all-inclusive hotels attract crowds of tourists already until June and even until the end of September.

The second place in terms of price for a 2+2 family is taken by Türkiye. A 7-day all-inclusive holiday for a family of 4 with a charter flight costs approx. PLN 8.5 thousand. zloty. Additionally, Türkiye is famous for its excellent service quality and rich all-inclusive offer. When planning a holiday with children in Turkey, it is worth paying attention to family resorts where water parks, mini-clubs, mini-discos and daytime and evening animations are included in the price of the trip. A rich all-inclusive offer, including all-inclusive 24h and all-inclusive ultra, will allow you to spend your holiday with children almost without additional expenses.

The next place was taken by Tunisia with its luxury hotels and all-inclusive offer. For a week’s stay with flights and meals, you will have to pay around PLN 8,000-9,000 for a family of four. zloty.

Greek islands and Egypt still below 10,000. zloty

Offers for a week-long 2+2 holiday under PLN 10,000. PLN can also be found on Greek islands such as Crete and Rhodes.

– We have many all-inclusive family hotels and intimate apartments that will be perfect for a family trip. When traveling with small children who do not have to return to school on September 1, 2024, they can wait for last minute offers in Greece. At the end of August and September, holiday prices in Greece drop – it’s a good time for a holiday with a small child without the heat and crowds of tourists – encourages Maciej Nykiel.

– Couples who want to relax in intimate hotels only for adults can count on attractive offers, especially on the Greek islands, e.g. from PLN 2.8 thousand. PLN for Rhodes, or from PLN 2.9 thousand PLN in Crete – says Eliza Dzięciołowska.

Egypt is also attractively priced. Prices for a luxury hotel with an all-inclusive option for two adults with two children start from PLN 9.8 thousand. zloty. However, due to the heat, this direction is less often chosen by families with small children in July and August.

Take advantage of promotions

It is worth remembering that in hotels and airlines children up to 2 years old are treated as infants (however, the child cannot be 2 years old before the end of the tourist trip). Infants are entitled to significant discounts on airline tickets and hotel benefits, and sometimes they are even free. Some family facilities allow children to stay for free up to 5-7 years. In Turkey, however, you can count on significant discounts in hotels for children up to 12 years of age. It is also worth paying attention to free mini-clubs, kindergartens, as well as ice cream and snacks for children. This will allow families to avoid additional costs.

Additionally, it should be remembered that tour operators offer more and more attractive pre-sale offers and even outdo each other with attractive prices and numerous benefits from early booking. Some offers for summer and autumn may be up to 20%. cheaper than in the season or just before it. Comparing the prices of trips in high season with offers for summer 2024, you can see that you can save up to PLN 3,000 on a 2+2 holiday. zloty.

– Data from the Nekera travel agency show that Poles are starting to book their holidays earlier and earlier. Already, a significant part of the reservations are offers for summer 2024. This proves not only the increase in demand for travel in 2024, but also concerns about the effects of inflation and exchange rate fluctuations. Experts predict that next year we will pay for holidays by 15%. more expensive – admits Macie Nykiel.

In the first minute offer, you can also book a family holiday for 2024 with a guarantee of price stability. Then we are sure that the price of our holiday will not be affected by changes in fuel prices, currency rates, etc.

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