A boar appeared on the playground. He took the child's backpack and began to search him

A boar appeared on the playground.  He took the child's backpack and began to search him

Wild boars are a nightmare in many cities today. They go out on the streets more and more boldly and don't even wait for dusk. Recently, a child was in danger because of this.

It was a quiet day in one of the largest Polish cities. It all happened in the Karwiny district of Gdynia, within the local playground. The children played on the swings and placed their school backpacks on the ground nearby. Suddenly, a boar ran towards the group and hunted the school bag. He worked very fast.

The boar stole the backpack. Children in shock

Such an action would be difficult to predict, especially when it is still light outside and there are crowds of children chasing each other outside. It turns out that wild boars in Gdynia are so bold that even this does not deter them. A person interested in a school backpack appeared in the Karwiny housing estate. In the blink of an eye, it grabbed it in its mouth, then moved away and began looking for food. Everything was captured by one of the witnesses.

A recording of a wild boar is circulating on the Internet

The recording of the wild boar is causing a stir on the Internet – it is circulating, among others, on Facebook and the X platform. There is no indication that the animal is aggressive, but the backpack is tugging very vigorously. In the whole situation, the most important thing is that nothing happened to the children. They showed great prudence – they did not panic or start chasing the animal.

Internet users who had the opportunity to see the film reacted with a pinch of salt. “Now every mother in Gdynia: eat sandwiches or a wild boar will attack you,” it was written. However, many people took the matter seriously and drew attention to the problem. “That's what he was taught. He felt a sandwich or realized that he sometimes gets something good from similar things. A disastrous phenomenon for both wild boars and humans. They don't belong here,” commented one of the women. It is important to remember that these types of incidents are not safe and can sometimes end tragically. It is not known how this story ultimately turned out, but we can only hope that the boar abandoned the purchase and its owner did not suffer major losses.

This situation illustrates how accustomed wild animals are to living among humans. They often know they can attack and go unpunished. There have been many reports of such situations recently. It is especially dangerous on seaside beaches in the summer. Then crowds of tourists with bags full of food relax, among others. on the beaches. Last summer, one of the men in Sopot fought with a wild boar over a food bag. The animal was previously hiding behind nearby trees and just waiting to jump out and go after the prey.

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