An outstanding performance by an inebriated couple. The woman scattered money at the airport

An outstanding performance by an inebriated couple.  The woman scattered money at the airport

Tourists will remember this flight for a long time. Everyone expected a smooth journey from London to Bangkok, but it ended with an emergency landing. The drunk couple was asked to leave.

A group of tourists were flying on an Eva Air plane from London to Bangkok. Everything would be fine if it weren’t for the drunk couple who kept making life difficult for others. At one point, the drunk people got into a heated argument. It became so dangerous on board that we had to land earlier. No one expected what happened next.

Intoxicated tourists thrown from the plane. They made an emergency landing

The emergency landing was a direct result of a quarrel on board. It started when one of the intoxicated women decided to move from economy to premium for no reason and refused to pay for an upgrade.

This situation caused quite a stir, so the staff took action. After a while, life began to be made more difficult by another drunk passenger – probably the woman’s partner – who, despite the prohibitions, lit an electronic cigarette on board. From moment to moment it was becoming more and more dangerous, so drastic measures were taken.

Line employees who tried to calm down the troublemakers were hurled insults. Other passengers quickly joined in and managed to restrain the drunk couple. The inebriated people started arguing among themselves, and the conversation showed that it was about money. The pilot, tired of the whole incident, decided to make an emergency landing in Vienna and ask the problematic passengers to leave.

Money started moving. She got out and started throwing

No one expected such an ending to the case. After the plane stopped in Austria, another incident occurred involving the couple. They had to be escorted off board by security services. Immediately after they stepped onto the tarmac, the couple continued to argue. At one point, the woman threw a wad of banknotes at the man, which flew in all directions.

Passengers watched the action, and one of them managed to record the event. The video shows the man and a police officer trying to collect banknotes from the ground. People can also be heard in the background shouting, “Look, it’s money.” Despite the unusual situation, the plane resumed its flight with a delay of several hours and reached its destination.

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