5 apartments, 30 rooms. This offer went on sale in Poznań

5 apartments, 30 rooms.  This offer went on sale in Poznań

Investment apartments are an offer for investors who have more money than the average buyer and want to rent apartments. An offer to purchase an apartment with as many as 30 rooms for rent appeared on a Poznań advertising website.

Anyone who frequently visits websites with real estate offers may have come across the so-called investment cash. These are apartments that have been prepared for rent and can immediately generate income for the new owner. Typically, an apartment consists of several very similarly furnished rooms of an average standard. There is a bed, a wardrobe, an office, and access to a shared kitchen and bathroom. If the apartment originally consisted of two larger rooms with access to independent windows, the rooms are divided into smaller ones to create at least four bedrooms in the apartment.

Investment ready – what is it?

“Ready-made is an offer for investors who can reap profits from the first day after purchase. The apartment is suitable for rent. Additionally, due to its excellent location and proximity to the university, it is a great investment proposition” – this is an example offer of one of the Poznań sellers.

Ready-made stores are located primarily in large cities because they are aimed at students and young graduates. Ready-made apartments also come to the market: the seller (often a flipper, i.e. a person who sells many properties in a short period of time) prepares several small apartments, which are separated as independent premises or are part of a larger apartment. Each apartment has its own bathroom and kitchen, so the tenants are independent of each other. The studio apartments are adapted (renovated and equipped to a basic standard).

Offer from Poznań: 5 apartments, 30 rooms

A real estate agency from Poznań mediates the sale of a ready-made building for a mere PLN 5.2 million. A lot, but it must also be admitted that its area is impressive, as much as 601 sq m. The tenement house consists of 5 above-ground floors and one underground. The company promises that investors have a guaranteed profit of 7%. on an annual basis. “After 5 years, we plan to renovate the apartments and raise the standard of the rooms to premium apartments and change the rental formula to short-term. Thus, the prestige, investment value and guaranteed rent will be significantly increased,” he promises.

He also assures that currently all rooms are rented, which is proof of the great interest in apartments in the tenement house.

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