KO’s idea for a 0% housing loan. This is what the opposition can accomplish

KO's idea for a 0% housing loan.  This is what the opposition can accomplish

“We will introduce a loan with a 0% interest rate. for the purchase of the first apartment” – this is one of KO’s demands for changes in the near future. If the opposition has a chance to implement the idea, the situation may look like this.

We are fresh after the 2023 elections to the Sejm and Senate. Although it is still too early to officially talk about winners and losers, the first exit polls according to Ipsos show that Law and Justice won 36.8%, and the Civic Coalition – 31.6. Then, Third Way – 13 percent, Left – 8.6 percent, Confederation – 6.2 percent, Nonpartisan Self-Government – 2.4 percent, Polska Jest Jedno – 1.2 percent and Other – 0.2 percent. This means that there is a high probability that the opposition will take control of state affairs. If this happens, they will be able to implement their ideas, among others: Civic Coalition. One of them is the introduction of a loan with a 0% interest rate. for the purchase of the first apartment.

KO’s idea for a 0% loan. That’s the plan

KO representatives have already talked many times about their plans to introduce a loan for the purchase of the first apartment with a 0% interest rate. This can be a great support for people who do not have much money, including savings. Such support will allow you to repay your debt without incurring additional and excessive costs.

What exactly is KO going to do? Donald Tusk shared the idea with the mainstream media and revealed that everything was to be created with young citizens in mind. The proposals included the possibility of paying an additional PLN 600 for the apartment rental and the possibility of taking a 0% loan from a bank. for the selected property. “Housing should be a right, not a commodity,” said the politician, among others. at meetings with residents of many cities.

Are the details of the housing plan known?

It is already known that the introduction of a 0% loan. is supposed to mean an installment of PLN 1.7 thousand. PLN, which will be a repayment of capital, not endless interest. In the first year of operation of the housing program, it will cost Poland approximately PLN 4 billion. The mortgage loan is to be available to people up to 45 years of age, and only those who do not yet have their own apartment will be taken into account.

When sharing plans for the program, attention was drawn to the fiasco of a similar idea, Morawiecki’s program – he promised 100,000 apartments, but interested parties often received apartments for which they had to pay even more than on the market, and in addition, the apartments were of low quality.

According to the new idea and assumptions of KO, the state will pay interest and the bank’s margin, and the borrower will repay the capital. The offer should be easily accessible and free from unnecessary bureaucracy. As KO representatives revealed: ‘Credit eligibility will be achieved by two people earning the minimum wage. It is enough to work to have an apartment,” we read in the list of demands. Additionally, the program will cover apartment renovations. The maximum loan amount itself is 0%. for renovation will amount to a maximum of PLN 50,000. zlotys.

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