Elon Musk in Poland. We know the billionaire’s plans

Elon Musk in Poland.  We know the billionaire's plans

Elon Musk reached Poland. On Sunday evening, the billionaire landed at the Krakow airport. According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, he has, among other things, visit the former Auschwitz concentration camp, where he will take part in a conference.

The plane with Elon Musk on board landed at the airport in Krakow late on Sunday evening. The full schedule of the billionaire’s visit is not made public, but it is known that the head of Tesla intends, among other things, to: visit the former Auschwitz concentration camp, where he will take part in a conference.

Musk wants to improve his image

Musk’s visit to the site of the former Nazi extermination camp may be an attempt to save the image of the controversial billionaire, which is once again tarnished after his recent posts on social media. Musk recently supported a post by an anonymous Internet user on the X platform, which he owns, which stated that Jews promote “hatred against whites” and are responsible for bringing “hordes of minorities that are flooding the country.”

After a wave of criticism, Musk apologized and said it was “one of the stupidest things he’s ever done.”

There will be no meeting with the government

Everything indicates that Musk’s visit is personal and he will not announce any new investment in Poland. “We, as a ministry, did not attempt to arrange a meeting. Mr. Musk’s representatives contacted us, claiming that it will be possible, but they do not know what the schedule will look like, said the Minister of Digital Affairs, Krzysztof Gawkowski, on RMF FM.

Meanwhile, Przemysław Czarnek wrote a public message to Musk on social media. The PiS politician “on behalf of free Poles” invited owner X to visit the prisons in Radom and Ostrołęka, where Mariusz Kamiński and Maciej Wąsik are.

The former minister of education and science argued that “for the first time since 1989 we have political prisoners in Poland.” “Let the world hear how the new government coalition is breaking the law at every step just a month after taking power. The attack on the Polish media, courts and broadly understood freedom continues,” Czarnek wrote.

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