Your e-PIT has started today. There are first problems

Your e-PIT has started today.  There are first problems

PIT settlement has started and… the system is down – say RMF FM listeners who complain about problems with logging in to the Your e-PIT account on the website

The government service Your e-PIT was launched today. You can use it to settle tax returns for last year. As of midnight, our tax returns are available on

Problems with your e-PIT

Meanwhile, RMF FM listeners complain that they cannot log in to the website. – I have been trying to log in to for an hour and there are always errors – says a radio listener.

– Every year for 6 years, when the online tax settlement service was launched, in the first hours of the PIT settlement campaign, the system hangs and is overloaded due to the number of logins – notes RMF FM.

You can go to and provide your login details, but nothing happens. So it's worth being patient and trying to log in later. Fortunately, there is time to settle your taxes with the tax office, as the deadline is April 30.

The Ministry of Finance (MF) and the National Tax Administration (KAS) have made the Your e-PIT service available for the sixth time. For the first time, the service is also addressed to people running businesses and special sectors of agricultural production, including those with suspended business activity.

Last year, the vast majority of taxpayers decided to settle their taxes electronically. A total of 20 million declarations were submitted in this way. For many people, the motivation was a faster refund of overpaid tax. The maximum waiting time for electronic settlement is 45 days, while for traditional settlement it is three months.

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