You can’t rent, you have to live. Restrictions related to the “Safe 2% loan”

You can't rent, you have to live.  Restrictions related to the "Safe 2% loan"

In an apartment purchased using the “Safe 2% loan” program. one must live. It cannot be rented. There are more restrictions: they concern registering a business, purchasing another property while collecting the subsidy, and living in the purchased premises.

Number of applications for “Safe 2% loan” decreased compared to last week. However, this does not necessarily mean a decline in interest. This is rather the result of cleaning the statistics from “dead souls” – “Puls Biznesu” reported for several days. After 11 weeks of operation of the government program, the number of applications for preferential loans exceeds 43,000, according to data from the Ministry of Development and Technology. During this time, 9,766 loan agreements have already been signed.

This year, everyone who meets the program conditions will receive a subsidy, but next year there will be limits.

Program beneficiaries must remember that an apartment purchased using a subsidized loan is associated with certain obligations, and violation of the rules will result in the suspension of subsidies. The limitations result from the fact that the aim of the program is to support borrowers in purchasing their first apartment in order to “meet their housing needs”, and is not intended to earn money on such a premises.

Safe loan 2 percent The apartment cannot be rented

An apartment purchased with a government subsidy cannot be rented. The Ministry of Development and Technology informs that in the event of renting such an apartment during the period of eligibility for subsidies under the program, these subsidies expire on the last day of the month of occurrence of this event, and the amounts of subsidies obtained after this date are returned to the Government Housing Fund. However, the Act does not introduce an order for the return of already paid subsidies to loan installments after their due date (after 10 years): the decision to rent an apartment will rest with the borrower.

Business registration

You cannot run a business in real estate purchased under the subsidy program, but only until the BGK guarantee (if any) is repaid – informs the Ministry of Development and Technology. A person who wants to run a sole proprietorship must register the business in a premises belonging to a trusted person who consents to it – or use a virtual office.

Purchasing another property

During the period of receiving subsidies (maximum 10 years), the beneficiary is prohibited from purchasing another property. If he does this contrary to the ban, he will lose subsidies from the government program. There is also a risk of losing subsidies if you receive another property as a gift. Only inheritance of real estate excludes this prohibition – it is difficult to expect the beneficiary of the program to refuse to accept the inheritance of a loved one.

“Safe 2% loan”. Can I sell an apartment purchased with an additional payment?

Can an apartment purchased with a subsidized loan be sold during the repayment period?

– Some clients are afraid that a loan with a subsidy for 10 years will tie them to the property, because during that time they will not be able to sell it, rent it or buy another one, as this will result in the need to repay the subsidy received. This is not true: beneficiaries of the “Safe 2% Credit” program. they can dispose of the property, but they will then lose the right to a subsidy in the future and will have to repay the loan with full interest as if the subsidy had not existed. However, this does not apply retroactively – explained loan advisor Karol Zimnoch.

You must live in the apartment permanently

The apartment purchased under the loan will have to be inhabited by the beneficiary. The borrower will have to move into the purchased property within 24 months from the date of purchase of the property or notification of completion of construction. The apartment or house will also not be allowed to cease to be inhabited. If the property is no longer in use for more than 12 months, the borrower will lose the subsidies. You can’t buy a flat with subsidies and go abroad for a few years – even with the intention of returning. The consequence of such a decision is the loss of subsidies.

“Safe 2% loan”. – basic conditions

“Safe 2% loan”. a person up to 45 years of age can take out the contract. If spouses apply for a loan, one of the partners must meet the age requirement. The loan can only be granted for the first apartment, so a person who already owns another property, even a small studio apartment in another region of Poland, cannot apply for the subsidy. If one of the spouses owns real estate, even if it was purchased before the wedding and constitutes personal property, this excludes the spouses from the program.

The maximum loan amount with a subsidy cannot exceed PLN 500,000. PLN if the applicant is a single person or PLN 600,000. PLN if the borrower runs a household together with his or her spouse or has at least one child – PLN 600,000. zloty. Your own contribution may amount to PLN 200,000. zloty. This means that an apartment (regardless of whether it comes from the secondary or primary market) can cost a maximum of PLN 700,000 or PLN 800,000. zloty.

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