The path to EUR 76 billion for Poland is open. Minister of Finance: I am an optimist

The path to EUR 76 billion for Poland is open.  Minister of Finance: I am an optimist

– This is very good news – said Finance Minister Andrzej Domański about Poland meeting the conditions for the launch of structural funds. He also referred to the promise of a tax-free amount of up to PLN 60,000. zloty.

The guest of “Fakty po Faktach” on Friday was the Minister of Finance, Andrzej Domański.

“We have confirmation from the European Commission – Poland meets the last three conditions necessary for the full mobilization of structural funds – EUR 76 billion for the implementation of programs until 2027.” – wrote on Friday on X Katarzyna Pełczyńska-Nałęcz, Minister of Funds and Regional Policy.

– Ultimately, this money will go to the Polish economy. These are funds needed for investments, and these have been at a very low level in recent years. We are, of course, waiting for funds from the KPO, which Poland also deserves and is very much needed. On Monday, we held talks in Brussels regarding EU funds. I am an optimist – he said in “Fakty po Faktach”. – These are very important measures from the point of view of long-term competitiveness – he noted.

Budget for 2024. Domański about the promises taken into account

The Minister of Finance was asked about the adopted budget.

– We have prepared a very good budget. We managed to fit key electoral obligations into it, he said. Among the promises fulfilled, he mentioned increases for the public sector and funds for financing in vitro fertilization. – We have cut some expenses on the Institute of National Remembrance and the National Broadcasting Council. The savings were not huge, said Andrzej Domański. He added that he counted on President Andrzej Duda to sign the budget.

The minister was also asked about the tax-free amount of PLN 60,000. zloty. This promise was made during the election campaign.

– We are working on this solution. We want to make changes in a predictable way. There are several variants on the table, but 60,000. “it will be delivered,” to put it colloquially. But we must plan it precisely, no one will allow a repeat of the Polish Order, he said.

When asked about maintaining zero VAT on food, he said that the ministry would monitor inflation. – It is also my duty to take care of budget revenues – he emphasized.

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