“Wolves” walked the streets of Gdynia at night. Internet users discovered one detail

"Wolves" walked the streets of Gdynia at night.  Internet users discovered one detail

Animals wandering around Tricity sparked a discussion on the Internet. Are there really wolves in the photos?

The presence of wolves on the Baltic coast is not unusual. However, coming face to face with this predator may still arouse fear among residents and tourists. No wonder – quite recently we described a case of tourists being bitten by a wolf in Międzyzdroje. This time, vigilant residents “gathered” under one of the “wolves” photos posted on the Internet. As it turned out, the animals in the photo had little in common with the dangerous predator.

Wolfdogs are not the same as wolves

Photos of “wolves” wandering around Gdynia at night were sent to the website Trójmiasto.pl. Astute Internet users quickly verified that we were dealing with a Czechoslovakian wolfdog, a dog breed resulting from a cross between a Carpathian wolf and a German shepherd.

“They’re wolfdogs, not wolves. A wonderful breed. May they return home safely,” said one of the Internet users.

“It’s a Czechoslovakian wolfdog, a breed of primitive dogs. Beautiful,” another person confirmed.

What were the animals doing on the street?

However, many people were still wondering what these animals could be doing on the streets of Gdynia in the middle of the night. “These are the dogs of a driver who takes ferries to Sweden. Yesterday morning he also swam. He probably arrived at night and they were out for a walk. And there’s a panic about wolves,” said a local resident.

Increasing human activity in forests encourages animals living there to explore urban areas. Animals accustomed to humans often seek their company in order to have easy access to food – that is why it is so important not to feed wild animals. Reports of foxes, wolves and wild boars wandering around the centers of large cities or walking along highways do not surprise anyone. In the case of the Gdynia incident, residents had nothing to fear – the Czechoslovakian wolfdog is a calm dog that, if properly cared for, can be man’s best friend.

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