Strong words from Karol Świderski after the draw with Moldova. He pointed out the problem of the Polish national team

Strong words from Karol Świderski after the draw with Moldova.  He pointed out the problem of the Polish national team

Karol Świderski scored the only goal in the Poles’ draw with Moldova at PGE Narodowy. After the meeting, he summarized its course, pointing out the problem of the Polish national team.

The draw with Moldova greatly complicates the situation of the Polish national team in the context of direct promotion to the European Championships. There is one last match left, against the Czechs, which the Poles must win to have hope for this outcome. In addition, you need to count on a favorable arrangement of other matches. Karol Świderski is not proud of this situation.

Karol Świderski summarized the course of the match against Moldova

The striker of the Polish national team was considered one of the few players who really contributed a lot to the Polish team’s game in the match against Moldova. As he rightly noted, in the first half the White and Reds had a chance to take the lead.

– I think that we should have been leading 2:1 already in the first half, because I had a favorable situation and Arek had it twice. We have to finish it at this level because it will cost us important points. Today, the only thing that mattered was the victory, but unfortunately we only drew. We need to exchange passes faster. This was missing in the first minutes. After conceding the goal, we played well, we created these opportunities and we had a great start in the second half, we scored a goal quickly, we had everything under control in virtually every action in the penalty area. There were a lot of situations, we should have won, but we ended up drawing. We had everything in our hands. – said Karol Świderski after the match.

This is the problem with the Polish national team

The Poles were close to victory, but last-minute opportunities were missed. Karol Świderski admitted that the weak point of the Polish national team is, above all, finishing the situation and this is an element of matches on which they need to work especially hard to count on promotion.

– It’s hard to define what we feel. We had everything in our hands, we played in our own stadium, in front of our home crowd and their crowd. It really hurts and it’s hard to say anything. We have to focus on the team and move forward, because we can see the positives from this match and how we strived until the last minute to win the match. We lacked effectiveness, but we have to win against the Czechs and see what happens, and if we don’t manage to advance directly, we will do our best in the play-offs. This team had more character somewhere. Today we showed that we can make up for losses and get out of this crisis, but we lacked calm in finishing. We slept through the first 20 minutes, but the next 70 minutes were good for us. We know who we were playing against and with such an opponent there should have been more goal opportunities, and they came, but we didn’t finish them – added the striker.

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