Jarosław Kaczyński on Tusk’s biggest scandal. “He must take everything we have given away.”

Jarosław Kaczyński on Tusk's biggest scandal.  “He must take everything we have given away.”

Jarosław Kaczyński spoke at the PiS provincial convention in Rzeszów. During his speech, he referred to the “biggest scandal” of the previous governments. – Everything was stolen, said the Deputy Prime Minister.

On Sunday, October 8, the provincial convention of Law and Justice was held in Rzeszów. Jarosław Kaczyński appeared at the event and spoke to the gathered voters. Part of his speech was devoted to assessing previous governments.

Kaczyński: Tusk’s biggest scandal

– There was no shortage of scandals, but I must mention the biggest one here. The one where all these other things are trivial. This is a robbery of Polish public finances worth hundreds of billions of zlotys – accused the PO-PSL government. The Deputy Prime Minister emphasized that the “enriched group” built their fortunes on thefts and taking money abroad.

– It was stolen in Vata, in fuel, in everything possible. And it was tolerated and the law was constructed in such a way that it was extremely difficult to fight it, he said. He emphasized that the then government also had to devote resources to contact with Germany. – They cost money, also in economic terms – he said. An example of “costs” was the alleged agreement between the leader of the Civic Platform and former German Chancellor Angela Merkel regarding the retirement age in Poland.

Deputy Prime Minister on the “Tusk system”

The PiS president argued that if the opposition comes to power, Polish politics will change radically. – If someone makes such assumptions, and these assumptions are called Tusk’s system, which I talked about at our convention, he cannot conduct the policy we do, he explained. He noted that Donald Tusk will take away from Poles everything they have received over the last eight years from the ruling party.

– Will they continue our social policy? Well, they won’t continue, because if our public finances are robbed, there will be no money for it, he said. He assessed the opposition’s approach to security issues in the same way. – This is what is at stake in these elections – concluded Jarosław Kaczyński.

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