Sky-high housing prices. It is much more expensive than analyst reports

Holes in the ground are already sold or reserved.  Customers are looking for apartment plans to buy their dream "M"

A new trend in the real estate market worries buyers. Apartment prices have not only skyrocketed, but in many cities they are becoming more expensive month by month, reaching sky-high amounts. In prestigious locations, an apartment costs several dozen thousand zlotys per square meter. Many people openly admit that they cannot even afford rooms that cost PLN 1 million.

Chaos on the real estate market continues. Apartment prices in the largest Polish cities are rising month by month. For a studio or a small two-room apartment you have to pay almost PLN 1 million. Those who cannot afford such an expense must look for premises on the outskirts of large cities or in small neighboring towns.

Real estate market. Customers are booking apartment plans to get ahead of the price increase

In Warsaw we are dealing with a new, unusual trend. Many people, looking for their dream “M”, plan to buy an apartment not at the stage of a hole in the ground, but at the stage of developing their plans. Customers sign up for a waiting list to have priority in choosing the planned property. For the room you booked today, in a few years they will receive the keys to their premises. As customers argue, they choose this solution because they want to have a guarantee of purchasing an apartment before companies change their price list.

According to experts, the new trend not only spoils the real estate market, but also contributes to higher and higher apartment prices. The differences are visible to the naked eye. Reports prepared a few weeks ago by analysts and financial intermediaries are no longer valid. In many cases, you have to add from several hundred to even 1,000 PLN to the previous price per square meter of the apartment. zloty. We faced such a situation, among others: in July, August or September in the largest Polish cities.

Apartment prices in large cities change from month to month

In mid-October, at the Warsaw real estate fair, the prices of the few apartments offered started from PLN 20,000. PLN per square meter This was the case in several districts of the capital, including: in Mokotów, Wola or Ursynów. The amounts for which you could buy apartments in Warsaw’s Ochota district were also not optimistic. “The prices of the smallest apartments still on sale, with an area above 90 sq m. they start from 20 thousand PLN per square meter – said a representative of the development company at the time. You can forget about these amounts.

In November, the same premises have a new, higher price list. The prices of other properties in Warsaw’s Ochota district are similar. In the already completed investment, the lowest price for a two-room apartment in this district is PLN 23,900. PLN per square meter For another apartment of a similar size you have to pay PLN 25,900. PLN per square meter or 26.9 thousand PLN per square meter The most expensive apartment on the fourth floor, but finished turnkey, can be purchased for PLN 35,900. PLN per square meter

Apartments in Warsaw. A studio apartment costs over PLN 1 million

It is also expensive in other prestigious districts of the capital. The planned investment in Śródmieście is very popular. Although construction has not even started yet, customers are already asking about the cheapest apartments. For a studio apartment, or rather plans for it, you have to pay just over PLN 1 million. Below this amount there is nothing to look for there.

Prices of current apartment plans start from PLN 35,000. PLN per square meter The largest premises with an area of ​​155 square meters The largest premises with an area of ​​155 square meters will require several million zlotys. In the capital, the most expensive apartments cost over PLN 50,000. PLN per square meter

Real estate market. Customers do not hide their surprise at the high prices

Internet users do not hide their surprise at this turn of events. “Where do these real estate prices come from?” – they ask on social media. “Until recently, there were 12,000 in Warsaw. PLN per square meter flats. Then the prices jumped to 13,000, then it was 14,000, with the next month it was 15,000, and now it is over 16,000. PLN per square meter flats” — they write on various forums on the Internet.

In their opinion, there are no economic reasons for apartments to cost so much. “Even inflation was lower.” – they claim. “What has changed since the beginning of the year? Due to such turmoil, most people will not even be able to afford to buy a cubicle. – we read.

Apartment prices. It is also expensive in other cities, but there are exceptions

We are also seeing crazy prices on the real estate market in other cities. “Since the beginning of this year, prices in the capital of Małopolska and Katowice have increased by one fifth” – say the inhabitants of these towns. Internet users use real estate prices in Łódź as an example, where the average price per square meter of new premises available in the offers of development companies exceeded the ceiling of PLN 10,000. PLN per square meter According to experts, Łódź remains an oasis of stability among the largest metropolises.

Another example given by customers are the prices of apartments in Silesia. Apart from expensive Katowice, real estate in neighboring cities is even half the price. One of the cheapest Polish cities with over 100,000 inhabitants. inhabitants, where apartments can be purchased at affordable prices, is Bytom.

The average price of a square meter of a flat in this city is currently PLN 3,862 per square meter. – this is according to a report by the Sonar Home agency. Data from other companies show that the average price of a square meter of an apartment in Bytom is several hundred zlotys higher. The complete opposite is the housing prices in both Gdańsk, Sopot and Gdynia.

Apartments in Tricity. Real estate prices higher than in Warsaw

According to the latest data, in October this year the average price per square meter of new apartments in Tricity exceeded the ceiling of PLN 14,000. zloty. You can easily find new apartments at this price, but in many other districts the prices are much higher. Some apartments in Gdynia cost much more than in the capital.

Several dozen thousand zlotys per square meter for an apartment in Śródmieście or the prestigious Orłowo does not surprise anyone. According to local realtors, in summer the average price is within 10 percent. the most expensive apartments, exceeded PLN 1.6 million. The price of the most expensive real estate in Poland so far caused a sensation. An apartment with a view of the marina was put up for sale on the advertising website. Cost PLN 75,807 per square meter. Many people checked whether there was an error in the advertisement. There was no.

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