Who will win the European Volleyball Championship? An intriguing thesis of the former representative of Poland

Who will win the European Volleyball Championship?  An intriguing thesis of the former representative of Poland

Martyna Grajber-Nowakowska, who until recently played for the Polish national volleyball team herself, indicated the favorites to win the gold medal at the European Championships. She also revealed what, in her opinion, Biało-Czerwone can do.

The European Volleyball Championships, in which Polish women will also compete, will start soon. Before the tournament, as usual, there are two most important questions – how will Stefano Lavarini’s players cope and who will be happy with the gold medal? Both of these questions were answered by Martyna Grajber-Nowakowska, who until recently was herself a member of our national team.

The Polish national team is getting ready for the European Volleyball Championships

However, the expectations for the White-Reds are quite high, mainly due to the fact how well they did in the League of Nations. In previous years, they did not even pass the intercontinental phase, so hardly anyone expected such progress in the second season of Lavarini’s term. Meanwhile, our compatriots reached the medal zone. They lost in the semi-finals, but then showed their class against the USA and won the bronze medal.

How high should they aim now? Most of them humbly approach the upcoming tournament, although there are also voices like those of Olivia Różański. She just did not play minimalism and no modesty, prophesying great success to her team.

Who will win the European Volleyball Championship?

Grajber-Nowakowska, on the other hand, approaches the subject much more carefully and emphasizes that the championship of the Old Continent may turn out to be more difficult than it seems at first glance. – Paradoxically, it is much easier to get a good place in the World Championships than in the European Championships. Our continent is very strong and sometimes you have to face the best in the quarter-finals. Despite this, I believe that the Polish national team can afford to advance to the top four – she said in an interview with “Przegląd Sportowy”.

So who will win the European Championship if not White and Red? – It seems to me that it can be Turkey, which showed strength in the finals of the Nations League. They are a team with a lot of potential in attack – she explained. It is worth mentioning that our volleyball players recently played against the Turks in three friendly matches and won two of them.

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