Task Force White Eagle II mission in Poland. Will we also have such machines?

Task Force White Eagle II mission in Poland.  Will we also have such machines?

On May 22, at the 22nd Tactical Air Base in Malbork, a group of journalists had the opportunity to visit the contingent of the Italian Air Force, which carries out operational tasks as part of the activities of NATO forces in the region. Called Task Force White Eagle II, it is another one stationed in Poland.

Thanks to the courtesy of the Italian Air Force and the Leonardo concern, journalists had the opportunity to learn about the tasks faced by the contingent, as well as the “steeds” that fly daily, 24/7, near the castle of the Teutonic Order, i.e. the European Eurofighter air superiority fighters.

The Italian presence in Malbork has been going on for a long time – from September 2023 to February this year, the Italian Air Force's multi-role Lockheed Martin F-35A Lightning II was stationed there. They were replaced in mid-February 2024 by Eurofighter fighters. It is worth mentioning that destroyers and frigates of the Italian Navy have also been operating in the Baltic Sea since May 2023, replenishing supplies and giving time for rest for crews in Polish bases in Gdynia and Świnoujście.

11 alarm starts

The purpose of the Task Force White Eagle II mission, which includes several fighters and about 150 people, is to support allies in the region, which is related to the weakening of the security level related to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Italian personnel support allies in their mission to secure airspace.

Only since February, the Italians have carried out over 11 emergency launches related to the situation in the air. It was about the presence of planes near the NATO area of ​​responsibility that did not have their identification transponders turned on or had no flight plans submitted to the air traffic control system.

In addition, they conduct numerous exercises with NATO partners in the region, primarily in Poland, as well as in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

The strengthening of allies on NATO's eastern flank is also important due to their potential – the Baltic countries do not have their own combat aircraft, and the potential of the Polish Air Force does not correspond to the threat. On paper, Poland has about 90 jet combat aircraft, but only 48 of them are suitable for actual combat.

This state of affairs is the result of several factors.

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