Jaki's declaration of assets. Big money, real estate and cars

Jaki's declaration of assets.  Big money, real estate and cars

When Patryk Jaki became an MEP, he had approximately PLN 630,000 in savings. What is his financial situation like a few years later? Just look at the last declaration of assets of a right-wing politician.

Who became an MEP in 2019? In the same year, he also became vice-chairman of the assembly of the European Parliament and Eastern Countries – EURONEST. In addition to the funds accumulated in Polish zlotys (specifically PLN 474,000), EUR 400 (approx. PLN 1.7 thousand) and securities (PLN 156 thousand), at the beginning of his career in Brussels he also had a Volkswagen CC (worth PLN 48,000). . zloty). However, he did not own any real estate.

However, a few years were enough for the financial situation of the leader of Sovereign Poland to significantly improve. Here is Jaki's declaration of assets for 2023 (submitted at the end of the year).

About PLN 2 million in savings

In the above-mentioned statement we can read that the MEP has over PLN 2 million in savings – approximately PLN 950,000. “in Polish zlotys” and investment funds worth PLN 157,000. PLN, as well as money for running the office, which in Polish zloty is approximately PLN 460,000.

In 2020, he also became the owner (together with his wife) of a house with an area of ​​240 square meters (worth PLN 1.3 million), and a year later – an apartment with an area of 130 sq m (of the same value as the house, but still “under construction” – Jaki has already paid two installments for it). In 2023, he also added a semi-detached house (he owns half of the building) with an area of 132 sq m (worth PLN 1 million – he has already paid five installments).

What's next? Annual salary of PLN 120,000. euro (PLN 511,000) and per diem (EUR 338 per day, i.e. approx. PLN 1,440). But that's not all, because Jaki also earns money from his online activities – YouTube paid him PLN 40,000. PLN for video materials published there (the politician's channel is followed by over 235,000 people). Jaki also entered two cars – a Volvo S90 from 2018 (worth PLN 120,000) and a Citroen C4 Picasso from 2015 (worth PLN 33,000).

Jaki borrowed 350,000. zloty. He also repaid a large loan

What else did Jaki say in his statement? About the fact that he borrowed PLN 350,000. PLN to a private person (which took place in 2020), and also that he took out a loan for the purchase of the segment – in the form of PLN 934,000. PLN (which took place in 2019). However, in 2023 he announced that he had repaid the entire obligation.

Jaki will run for re-election on June 9 – he will run for the European Parliament from the 2nd place on the Law and Justice list (from Silesia). The MEP is, among others, a staunch critic of the European Green Deal policy.

In conjunction with Jaki's statement, it is also worth reading the declaration of assets published by former Minister of Justice Zbigniew Ziobro in November last year. Some surprising information appeared there.

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