What should you not carry in your checked baggage? This is worth remembering

What should you not carry in your checked baggage?  This is worth remembering

Taking some items with you on a trip in checked baggage is not allowed. Transporting others, on the other hand, may be risky for us. What should you not put in your checked luggage?

Flying by plane requires knowing many restrictive rules that are intended to make traveling easier and ensure passenger safety. We know, for example, that we cannot pack liquids in bottles with a capacity larger than 100 ml in our hand luggage. Although this will soon change, as more and more airports abolish this type of limits. But have you wondered what cannot be transported in checked baggage? The list of such things is not the shortest.

What not to pack in your checked luggage?

Items that cannot be placed in checked baggage include: firearms, aerosols or lithium batteries. Such a list can be found on the websites of airports and, for example, TSA – Transportation Security Administration. But that’s not all.

We should have a passport, prescription drugs and jewelry in our hand luggage, or rather always with us when traveling. This way we will minimize the risk of their theft or loss. What else is worth remembering?

In 2021 alone, TSA confiscated 5,972 firearms at checkpoints. In April, the organization had to remind passengers not to bring weapons to the airport. There are also items that travelers may not know are illegal to pack in checked luggage. Many things such as aerosols, devices containing lithium-metal or lithium-ion batteries and insect sprays cannot be included in our luggage placed in the hold. The exception is medicines.

However, spray paint, cooking sprays and air fresheners are prohibited. Lithium batteries are dangerous. If damaged, they may catch fire, which is why airlines prohibit their carriage in checked baggage. If a fire breaks out in the cabin, flight attendants can respond, but if it spreads into the cargo hold, there’s a serious problem.

Propane, butane, oxygen tanks, scuba tanks, cremated remains, chemicals, drain cleaners, chlorine, strong acids, or hair dyes cannot be transported in a suitcase in the hold. Very strong drinks are also not allowed in checked baggage. These are those containing more than 70 percent. alcohol, such as grain alcohol.

Moreover, passengers cannot pack matches in their checked luggage, although they can be packed in their hand luggage.

Why is it worth remembering to pack your checked luggage properly?

Checked baggage is baggage stored under the aircraft in the hold. Passengers check in at the check-in and baggage drop desk at the airport at the point of departure. Such a bag is not available to us during the flight – we will get it back only when we arrive at our destination.

Although there are some tips to reduce the risk of your checked baggage going missing, it can still happen. However, properly packing your bags also ensures the safety of all other flight users.

While this may be common sense to some, it is standard practice not to put anything of real value in your checked baggage. We’re talking about passports, travel documents, prescription drugs and jewelry. Other items include cameras, hard-to-find items, and necessities.

If the item is of particular value, it’s not worth the risk of it being stolen, and if your bag goes missing, it’s best not to keep these items separate.

Remember that even if your checked baggage gets lost, having the necessary items in your hand bag will give you much less stress when you arrive.

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